Thanksgiving Week

— 1 —

We went to Aaron’s final marching band performance of the year last weekend, and it was fabulous!  Unfortunately, I didn’t think it through and realize that it was Senior Recognition Day for the band members.  So, of course, I bawled.  Because in two years I will have to do that.  I will have to stand on the field with my eldest son, who will be in his final year of college.  I watched, and none of the moms of the Seniors were crying, let alone any other Sophomore moms in the stands, so I’d better get my act together over the next two years.

Me getting a high five from Beaker (picture by Catherine)

— 2 —

This is a fantastic post from The Modern Mrs. Darcy about How to Deal With Your Crazy Family.  These tips would work beautifully, and in most cases not even be needed if we were just talking about my family of origin.  But the family I married into twenty-five years ago . . . well, that’s another story.  None of these tips or rules of behavior would work even if I had everyone sign an agreement in blood before they were allowed in the house.  Which is why I have small family gatherings and usually only invite people I actually enjoy spending time with.

— 3 —

I will not be leaving my house today.  I haven’t done Black Friday for years.  I am a huge bargain shopper, but Black Friday is to real bargain shoppers what New Year’s Eve is to real party animals: amateur hour.  The deals aren’t that spectacular, stores will run out of most of the better deals within the first ten minutes, and I refuse to fight crazy spandex-clad women in Walmart for a zebra-print snuggie.

— 4 —

Aaron is home from college, and, as usual, I’m taking the opportunity to spoil him rotten.  Doing his laundry, cooking his favorite foods and bringing them to him while he lounges on the sofa playing video games, that sort of thing.  I know I shouldn’t do this.  Every time he comes home I tell myself, “You need to make him do his own laundry.  You need to teach him to cook, not cook for him.”  I know this is the sort of behavior that could lead to a headline in a few years reading, “New Bride Kills Husband and Mother-in-Law With Bare Hands”, but I can’t help myself.  Is there a twelve-step program for mothers who spoil their sons?

— 5 —

There’s a fantastic blog you all need to check out.  It’s called Eat For a Week and he has some great frugal recipes.  Plus, he’s currently hosting a giveaway for my ebook!  So if you’ve been waiting for a chance to get a free copy of Tight Budget, Tiny Kitchen, and No Time: How to Eat Well in Your First Apartment here’s your chance!

— 6 —

NaNoWriMo has been a complete failure for me this year.  I thought I could write and it would take my mind off all the stressors in my life right now, but it didn’t work.  Stress won.  I can’t concentrate well enough to watch a thirty-minute sitcom, let alone write a book.

— 7 —

If you have a Kindle or are planning to buy one soon you must have this download.  I got mine for free, hopefully it will still be free when you read this.  Seriously great tips.  I have had my Kindle since April and hadn’t realized I wasn’t even turning it off properly!

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5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week”

  1. I don’t even HAVE kids and I cry at stuff for other people’s kids (ballet recitals, kindergarten graduations, etc.). Trust me, it looks worst to cry if you don’t have kids out there on the field.

    And I’m with you on the whole Black Friday crap. I’m still in my jammies. And don’t plan on getting out of them till late today. I’ve seen way too many “fight” videos posted on FB and Twitter already this morning.

    People can act like animals sometimes. Amazing.

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only emotional wreck out there. My guys tease me terribly about it, “Aw, Mom, need a tissue?” And I can’t even drive past a church with a wedding going on – perfect strangers get married and I bawl like a baby!

  2. I seriously love that picture of you with the Eagle. You look awesome in blue and gold, and so happy!

    You’d better cry on Senior day with Aaron .. why in the world wouldn’t you?

    Your twelve step program — I’m glad you’re ahead of me in this game. That means by the time you’ve figured this out, I’ll be ripe for you to share your wisdom, cause the boys will be in that range.

    My Black Friday purchases will be Gymboree, of course, ONLINE. In my Pajamas, like a real Jammie Girl.

  3. Thanks for the link love!

    “Amateur hour” cracks me up! I just got back from doing my Black Friday shopping….if picking up some milk and wrapping paper at the drugstore counts 🙂

  4. I love the picture of you! Yay for Catherine’s good eye!
    I cry at lots of events when it doesn’t seem as though I should, and then at certain events when I think I’m guaranteed to cry, I don’t. So if you do or you don’t, don’t worry what anyone else thinks. Congrats on the big news, too…. I just heard.

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