The American Revolution a la John

Yeah, I know. I said I was going to get back into a regular blogging routine. But nothing about my life has been regular lately, so why should my blog schedule be any different? One of our big issues the past couple of weeks has been a Social Studies project John was assigned. “Pick a song and rewrite the lyrics to include important points about The Revolutionary War” – John had a million ideas the first day he got the assignment 🙂 Unfortunately, it was a group project and we had some “communication issues”. In short, the other members of the group got together without John (who’d been trying to contact them the entire weekend) and did the project. They told him they’d put his name on it and say he was “camera shy” to explain why he wasn’t in the video. John was having none of it.

I emailed his teacher, and her response was perfect. She gave John some extra time to do the project alone, and said he could use classmates if he needed them for the video or backup singers or whatever and the other kids who helped him just wouldn’t be graded on it. Of course his good friend, who happens to have a fabulous voice and lots of performance experience, immediately offered to help – Josh is a super kid. But John had an idea about how he wanted to do it, and Michael and I ended up being plenty of support team. Mainly Michael.

John picked “Revolution” by The Beatles as his song. I was skeptical, because I thought it was too obvious a choice. My youngest had a surprise up his sleeve, though. He planned to do the song from King George III’s perspective! Yeah, he was basically being sarcastic and talking trash to the American Revolutionaries throughout the song. Clever, huh?

Michael showed him this live recording of All You Need Is Love (notice Lennon’s gum chewing and look for Mick Jagger in the audience), we dug out Aaron’s Let It Be T-shirt and a crown John had worn as Macbeth this past summer, and it was smooth sailing from there on. OK, that’s not true. I kept pushing buttons at the wrong time, frustrating Michael and John to no end, and the batteries in the Flip Video kept dying because they were the ones I’d taken out of our Christmas window candles. Thankfully, John was patient with us. Here are the results. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “The American Revolution a la John”

    1. Thank you! I’m envisioning future video projects at your house involving a boy wearing shades and pretending to drive Mom’s cool car while he belts out a song 😉

  1. I agree–group projects can be so awful. Thankfully the teacher was so flexible, and you have this wonderful video for always! Thank you for sharing it!

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