The Best New Restaurant in Louisville?

While my friends Kim and Wendy were in town we ate at the most wonderful restaurant – Mozzaria.  It’s fairly new and at the edge of Fourth Street Live.  It’s so good that it’s where I hope Michael and I will be going to celebrate our anniversary next month 🙂 I used to say Lynn’s Paradise Cafe was my favorite restaurant in town, and I still give it a five-star rating on, but this place may have changed my mind – take note, Louisvillians!

I didn’t think to take any pictures while were there.  I was hot, tired, and past due for a pain pill, so I was just thrilled to find a restaurant with no wait at 9pm on a busy Friday night and booths.  (Because of my neck issues I adore restaurants with booths.)  But if you’re in the Louisville area and want to find it look near the Seelbach end of Fourth Street Live.  The restaurant’s signage is subtle, but the sign right above it is not:

PBR = Professional Bull Riders

Even though there was a concert going on at the opposite end of the street the restaurant was quiet and cozy. I had the chicken marsala and a side dish of spinach – both were magical. The best part, though, was that the portions were not over-sized. We were all able to eat dessert without feeling stuffed, and I had the most delicious cannolli! And, yes, we did make Godfather jokes: “Leave the gun, bring the cannolli.”

Then our bills came, and, seriously, I checked mine to make sure the had included everything.  The prices were more than reasonable.  Our server was quick, personable, and not hesitant to point out his favorites on the menu.  All in all, an A+ dining experience!
I wrote this post as part of my participation in an exclusive Clever Girls Collective program. All opinions are my own.

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