The Blog Post You Always Wanted to Write

In less than a month I will be having major surgery.  I’m not sure I’ll feel up to blogging for a couple of weeks.  I had originally planned to beg a few bloggy friends for help, but then I had an idea.  Doesn’t EVERYONE have a great story, a great blog post circling like a shark in their brain, just dying to hit the open waters of the blogosphere?  I think so.  And there’s always a valid reason why this particular post hasn’t yet been written.  Either you don’t have a blog (and don’t really want one because you don’t want to have to post on a regular basis) or you have a blog that you just can’t post this particular tidbit on.  Why?

Maybe it’s a rant about your mother / sister-in-law/ next-door-neighbor / boss / kids’ school principal and you know that person reads your blog.  Perhaps it just doesn’t suit your blog’s niche: the hilarious college Spring Break trip that can’t go on your Christian homeschooling blog, the dessert recipe that would just be wrong on your techie blog, or the achingly beautiful poem that you want readers’ opinions on, but just can’t bring yourself to post on your daily-dose-of-snark blog.  See?  You know the post I’m talking about, don’t you?  You can guest post with your real identity or create an alias (probably the best idea if you’re posting about your boss).  Interested?  Just shoot me an email!

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