The Crewman in Red

— 1 —

  One of Michael’s Father’s Day presents (selected by John) was a set of Star Trek boxers.  There was a gold pair, a blue pair, and a red pair.  He refuses to wear the red pair, because we all know what happens to the nameless crewman in the red shirt when the ship is under attack or something goes wrong on an away mission.  But the really interesting thing is not that he refuses to wear them, but that the rest of us agree that’s a good decision.  Yeah, we’re a family of geeks.


— 2 —

This is a four-dog house this week, and let me tell you: If you want to feel loved, have a houseful of dogs for a few days.  Rubbing ears and scratching bellies is a full-time job around here!

— 3 —

Band camp will start in less than a month, and John is getting ready.  But in order to download the recommended exercise routine he had to create a Facebook account and become a member of the ‘closed group’ for the band.  He had no desire for a Facebook account, and I was pretty happy he hadn’t wanted one yet.  I worry about cyber-bullying.  I do realize it’s much easier to post updates and important documents to Facebook rather than send everything via email, but mandatory Facebook accounts just rub me the wrong way.  And his section leader wants everyone to get a Twitter account so he can communicate with them that way.  Of course I know all John’s signons and passwords and can check everything whenever I want, but I’m still uneasy.  Am I overreacting?

— 4 —

We bid farewell to a loyal old friend this week – the Saturn SL2 I bought when John was a newborn.  It was a wonderful car, and when we passed it along to Aaron he got several good years out of it during high school and college.  But its time had come, and Aaron and Catherine traded it on on a beautiful black Honda CRV.  It was my favorite car ever, mainly because it was so reliable. I hate that Saturns aren’t made anymore 🙁

— 5 —

I’ve spent a large portion of my time this week trying to compile medical records for my upcoming disability hearing.  I’ve been able to get everything except the most important parts: my recent MRI report and the office records from my pain management specialist.  I may have to stage a sit-in at his office to get them :/

— 6 —

John has been staying up late, sleeping late, and generally enjoying his summer break.  He has learned some real-world lessons, though.  When we blew a tire on the way to Lexington Michael taught him how to put on a spare.  A windstorm felled a tree in out backyard, and he got lessons with the chainsaw and the hatchet.  Neither incident caused injuries, thank goodness – we were very lucky.

— 7 —

This evening I’m going to a book signing.  Katie McGarry, a fellow Louisville Romance Writers member, will be signing copies of her second book, Dare You To, at Carmichael’s on Frankfort Avenue at seven.  If you’re in the area drop by!  I loved her first book, Pushing The Limits, which finaled in two categories for this year’s Golden Heart, so I can’t wait to read this one 🙂

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