The December Project: BeSkiBiMo

Anybody have some weight to lose?  Don’t wait until New Year’s, when you’ve packed on another five or ten pounds from holiday parties.  Do it NOW!  Set your goal for the month of December.  I’m planning to lose . . . TWENTY POUNDS.  Yes, I know it’s a lot, but I’ve got a lot more than that to lose:

Yes, that is a picture of my butt.  And if you’ve never tried to take a picture of your own butt, let me tell you it’s no easy feat even when your butt’s as big as mine.  Try it.  No, really, try it.  Go get your camera and take a picture of your butt and then come back and read the rest of the post.

See what I mean?  Anyway, back to the December Project.  This is not a lifetime commitment, this is one month out of your life.  Dedicate yourself to this for ONE MONTH and then decide if what you’ve accomplished is worth the time and effort you’ve put into it.

I’m calling this BeSkiBiMo, which is short for “Becoming a Skinny Bitch Month”.  Every Wednesday I’ll post about this.  Join in by commenting or, even better, by commenting and including a link to your own BeSkiBiMo post.  If there’s enough interest I’ll add a McLinky!  If you don’t need to lose weight but want to support your chubby friends, please leave comments and perhaps even links to healthy recipes or workout tips!  Who’s in??

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17 thoughts on “The December Project: BeSkiBiMo”

  1. Okay, I’m here for all the support you guys need. And of course I’ll have to give a little advise along the way and a healthy recipe or two. Todays advise to start, have a big bag of your favorite veggies in the refrigerator cleaned and ready to grab. Take a bag with you in your purse. Come back here tomorrow and I’ll tell you what to drink before each meal, and it’s not water. I learned this stuff at a fat farm in South Florida years ago.

  2. Well, I am no expert, but here is my plan for this month: More weight training, less cardio, and a good multivitamin. This is on the advise of the buff trainer at the gym who said he burns more calories than any one at the gym because of his lean muscle mass! He actually pointed at the people on the treadmills, and said they were wasting their time, HA you gotta love that. Count me in.

  3. Tis the season, girl! I put on my skinny-girl tights and there was some “stuff” that wasn’t previously there! Not really sure what happened or really where it came from. My guess is it started with the Halloween candy and has been accentuated by turkey, stuffing, pie, fudge and all that is to come in the next weeks. It doesn’t look good!!

  4. Ang –
    OK, so do you seriously have the time (and energy) to lift weights after a long day at work?? (KIM…. that question goes to you too…..) Becuase even as hyper as I am (yes, some things don’t change) I don’t have that energy. I suppose I could pick up kids more during the day…….. Hmmm.

    OK – I’m in. Not for the weight part as much as for the need to get my butt moving part (and maybe tone up that flabby area around my waist…..) 😉

    Love you guys!!

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