The Dog Who Loves Real Housewives . . . and Twitter

This is Rowdy.  He’s exhausted because he’s at the doggie version of sleep-away camp this week.  He’s chasing bunnies, squirrels, and chipmunks in my woodsy backyard and  playing with the big dogs.  He, Boss, and Sam are having three a.m. dog parties which consist of running laps through the house, barking and howling and chasing each other.  And he’s watching Real Housewives.  Sunday night he sat on my lap through the first installment of this season’s Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Show, and then through the new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey.  He seemed fascinated.  So when the second RHOC Reunion came on last night I brought him back to the bedroom with me to watch.  About halfway through I finally figured out why he loves Real Housewives so much.  It’s not the show at all – it’s Twitter!  I have TweetDeck pulled up on my phone whenever there’s a new Real Housewives episode on so I can follow the #RHOC or #RHONJ hashtags.  And Rowdy was spellbound by the tweeting sounds coming from my phone!  I think he suspected that if he held really still that bird that was hiding somewhere close by would come out and he could pounce on it.  I think his Mommy needs to get on Twitter ASAP, don’t you?

Pretty please, Mommy?
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4 thoughts on “The Dog Who Loves Real Housewives . . . and Twitter”

    1. That’s his favorite snack, but he loves his new food. They are cute little tupperware-type containers of beneful and they look delicious!

  1. Gracie wants to know if she can come over too. She is trying to adapt to my new schedule (me too) and we are getting it all in, like before, but just at different times. She would love to chase the critters in your backyard.

    1. Any time! The best part is if they don’t catch the fast bunnies in the back yard there are plenty of stuffed bunnies in the house they can pretend to have caught.

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