The Feel-Good Week


— 1 —

My new chiropractor is spectacular. His office runs like a well-oiled machine, everyone there is kind and sincere, and I’ve made incredible progress in just four visits. The stretches and strengthening exercises he recommended loosen my muscles up enough that some days I can actually do something productive before noon. Sadly, that’s a huge improvement.

— 2 —

John is working and hanging out with friends, staying up late and sleeping late. A movie theater job if perfect for my night owl. He’s got another LAN party coming up on a nearby college campus, and I’d love to host another one here this summer as well.

— 3 —

Things are finally falling into place for Michael at work. There have been a lot of small but incredibly annoying issues he’s had to deal with the past year or so, but the nice guys evidently don’t always finish last, because he’s now much more satisfied with his job, and under less stress. I wish he didn’t have to work six days a week, but I suspect that won’t change until SSI finally agrees with all my doctors that I cannot work and my condition will only deteriorate as time passes (as they’ve been documenting since 2012). Then and only then will I be able to receive disability benefits, which will include not only financial help, but access to facilities and treatments I can’t get otherwise.

— 4 —

We added my grandmother’s kitchen table and chairs to our house, which necessitated moving a few pieces of furniture. Really, just a few. But the dogs are not happy about the new furniture placement. We’re working on it. Goodness knows it’s all about keeping the dogs happy!

— 5 —

I’m really excited about Nerium’s latest announcements, one of which gives any new Brand Partners who sign up in June a chance to earn an all-expense paid trip to a resort in Mexico next summer! If you’ve even casually considered owning your own small business that you can put as much or as little time into as you like, that you can run from your phone (literally) and that provides not only financial freedom, but time freedom to do what you like when you like – this is it. Call me. It’s also perfect for Homeschooling families with at least one child doing middle-school level work in Math. The kids can learn Business skills, Marketing, Accounting, Public Speaking, Communications, and how to work together as a team in a real business.  And at age 18 they can sign up as a Brand Partner on their own. How great would owning your own business look on a college application? And lessons learned while working as a part of the family business would make for a compelling college entrance essay! Plus, instead of paying for a curriculum on these topics you actually make money. I’d love to help some homeschooling parents set this up, with a goal of creating a Private FB Group exclusively for Homeschooling Nerium families.

— 6 —

I’ve been fighting my first UTI in a decade this week. Yes, I know that’s oversharing, but I do have a reason for bringing it up. After being on broad-spectrum high-dose antibiotics both by mouth and via IV for an entire month between my third and fourth cervical disc surgeries I will do nearly anything to avoid antibiotics in general. Some situations make them necessary, but if I can avoid them I will. I tried cranberry juice, but a gallon later I was still fairly miserable. So I did some Pinterest research. Yeah, I know, not usually the best place to look for medical information. But I found a winner! Alka-seltzer. I sipped it very slowly because of my gastric sleeve, but evidently the Sodium Bicarbonate was enough to make the pH in my urinary tract more basic, and just two doses fixed me right up. Props to Pinterest!

— 7 —

Finally returning to babysitting tonight. I have missed those two sweet boys so much! I can’t wait to squeeze the stuffings out of them and hear all about their beach adventures from their GiGi. Team babysitting is the best 🙂

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