The Frugal Gene is Dominant!

I’m so proud! When Aaron was a baby we used to joke that he was “Mr. Recessive Genes” with his blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Over the years it’s become apparent that he inherited Michael’s musical talent and laid-back attitude, but it seemed the only trait he got from me was a tendency towards sarcasm. Now I think maybe there’s a little more of me in there, though – my boy has discovered the joy of frugality! Aaron got a few exceptionally cool XBox360 games for Christmas, so when the “red ring of death” appeared on the console a few days later he was NOT happy. Of course it’s out of warranty, so to get it repaired would cost $100 plus shipping and would take approximately eight weeks. He decided to try to repair it himself after discovering that he could buy a new console (no warranty) online for $100 plus shipping. He did a lot of research, spent $28 at Radio Shack and the hardware store, and worked most of the afternoon on the console. AND IT WORKED!! So instead of a $120-$140 repair or replacement with a wait of as long as six weeks he spent $28 and had a working console the same day – YOU ROCK, AARON!

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2 thoughts on “The Frugal Gene is Dominant!”

  1. Oh, wow!! I saw on Facebook, where he had the "Red Ring" …. that's awful, but SO cool that he fixed it!

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