The GOOD Kind of Stress

— 1 —

I’m pretty stressed. I only decided recently what I was going to make – yes, make – for a lot of family members this year. Nothing I’d pinned on Pinterest really seemed the thing. Then I went to a holiday bazaar and came home full of fabulous ideas! Lots of what I needed I found here at home,  and I have a sewing machine, but I can only work at it for about fifteen minutes at a time and somehow there are only twenty days until Christmas! Yikes!

— 2 —

 And then Monday I found out about a special opportunity Nerium was providing for Brand Partners – but only in December. It’s not something that I can do personally, but it so good that I feel compelled to pass along the details to people who might be interested, because I’d feel too guilty if they came to me in February or March and wanted to sign up and I hadn’t offered them this deal NOW.  Yes, Catholic guilt at its best – feeling guilty about not doing something now that someone could want me to do in the future. And the national debt is my fault, too.

— 3 —

I had a wonderful birthday, complete with homemade chili and white cake with white icing (my fave) and lots of birthday wishes on FaceBook. My birthday is the one day I really like FB. Of course I know all these people are just wishing me happy birthday because their computer tells them to, but it’s still pretty awesome to have people all over the world wishing me happy birthday. Just sayin’.

— 4 —

John and I watched the season finale of The Walking Dead together and, as usual, discussed our own plans should certain things happen during a Zombie Apocalypse. We decided that we wanted Ted Nugent in our group. I don’t know why we hadn’t thought of him before. He’s the obvious choice, after all. No, the songs around the campfires wouldn’t be quite the same as Beth’s, but his hunting skills would certainly make up for it.

— 5 —

Is it just a boy thing, or do teen girls also end up with other people’s clothes for no apparent reason? John was wearing a T-shirt I’d never seen the other day, and I asked him whose it was and why he was wearing it. He just shrugged, said, “It was in my pile so I thought it was mine,” and went back to his video game. I hope it wasn’t someone’s favorite shirt!

— 6 —

I can’t wait to see Aaron and Catherine for Christmas, and to meet Tabby, my grand-dog. When Aaron Face-Timed on my birthday she was wearing her thundershirt. It wasn’t storming, but he said she’d been shivering after playing outside for an hour. They live in Texas, so it’s not that cold. I thought perhaps I could make her a cute sweater if I could find a pattern. Or up-cycle a human sweater, perhaps. She is a Great Dane mix, after all. Yeah, I’m totally in denial on this whole craft situation.

— 7 —

In fact, it’s apparent from our house that we’re all in denial of the entire Advent season. There are no decorations up. None. In fact, it’s a bit depressing, because the only part of winter I enjoy at all is Christmas. Once the decorations come down on the Feast of the Epiphany I’d rather fast-forward to Ash Wednesday so we can start Lent and the countdown to Easter.

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