The Great U Haul Hoax of 2011

Aaron’s Freshman year at college is behind him.  He’s happy and healthy and making good grades.  He’s been busy with finals the past several days, and then had to be moved out of the dorm by nine o’clock last night.  Unfortunately, Michael couldn’t get coverage at work, so he couldn’t go get him, and I’ve felt too lousy to leave the house other than doctor’s visits and other urgent, unavoidable errands.  Thankfully, my dad and his friend, Edie, volunteered to go fetch my firstborn and all his worldly possessions.  Dad planned to pick up a small U Haul trailer on the way since the weather was looking iffy and we really didn’t know how much stuff Aaron had accumulated since last August.  Here’s the story, illustrated in texts between Dad and me starting about 2:30 yesterday afternoon:

me: Let me know when you’re headed this way 🙂

Dad: Ok.  Had to go get bigger trailer twice.

me: EEK!

Dad: I have left campus.  Need to stop, refuel, and increase tire pressure in trailer.  Aaron checking out.

me: Great!  Sorry for the unexpected complications 🙁 thanks again!

Dad: fueled, tires are round, Aaron on his way, caravan to begin in about 10 min.  Hope I don’t need to trade for a bigger truck.

At this point I went to a nearby park for Dianna’s boys’ birthday party, but I only lasted about 30 minutes.  I couldn’t pay attention to what was going on around me, just kept wondering what in the world Aaron had accumulated that was taking up that much space, and more importantly, where I could store it.  I finally gave up and went home for a pain pill and some more texting.

me: I’m building an addition onto the house to hold all the stuff.

Dad: Hurry!  Make sure it’s under roof before it rains.  Will the fork lift be there by the time we arrive?  P.S. Don’t forget the unloading crew!

me: Change of plans.  I’m going to move.  Don’t ask for address.

Dad: Louisville 50 miles.  A bunch of pallets would be nice.

When they arrived this is what I saw:

Whew!  The original small U Haul, thank God!  When Michael arrived home after work he was equally relieved, since I’d texted him earlier with the news of the two U Haul upgrades and he was just as frantic as I was.  To everyone at Adam and Thomas’s party: Sorry I was psycho-girl!  All is well now 🙂



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6 thoughts on “The Great U Haul Hoax of 2011”

  1. Stopping by from Lady Bloggers. I laughed…isn’t it amazing what we can accumulate during our life times? A year? 9 months away at school?

  2. I love it that I am an ‘unavoidable errand’!! It’s always so good to see you.

    I think your father owes you dinner or two, or three, for the ulcer he caused!

    1. You had better be kidding – you know better than that! That short time I was at the boy’s party was especially fun since it really was my first “outing” since the last surgery 🙂

  3. I’ve never met him, but I love your Dad! I can see the whole day, all the angst and worry, and final relief. I’m betting Aaron was in on the hoax, too. 🙂

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