The Guys ~ Feel Good Friday

This week has really sucked.  Yes, it has.  It’s right up there with the week I spent on bedrest before Aaron was born (Michael played the first two bars of Blackbird  by The Beatles incessantly on the guitar and to this day I HATE that freakin’ song), the week my mom had a radical mastectomy for spindle cell breast cancer (check-up this week and she’s still cancer-free, thanks for asking!), and John’s last week at a school where he was being bullied so viciously I worried about his long-term mental health.  But every iota of my stress this week is work-related, so this Feel Good Friday is all about the guys in my life who make it all worthwhile.

Michael is the love of my life.  We were SO young when we married, but we got lucky.  We grew together, not apart.  We are truly two halves of a whole, and our many, many, many differences only serve to balance our relationship.  My husband has a job he loves and an artistic outlet that inspires him, and he’s always patient with his crazy wife.  I love you, Mokey!

Aaron, my firstborn, my college student.  I had my doubts if I’d even get him through High School.  I didn’t truly believe it until I held his diploma in my hands the night he graduated.  But now he’s away at school, and he has become the person he was always destined to be.  He’s excelling academically, he’s enthusiastic, and he loves his life.  He’s making big decisions without me (EEK!) and doing it fabulously.  He’s a brilliant young man whose opinion I value, and whose daily texts I treasure.

John, my tween, my middle-schooler.  He’s been through trauma, and change, and crisis, and he has come out on top.  He’s a straight-A student who will be performing in the school play tonight.  He has a social life that’s about to run me ragged, and a killer sense of humor.  I was terrified of what Middle School would bring, but so far this has been his best year ever.

Thanks, fellas, for putting up with me this week.  I owe you.  And yes, this probably WOULD be a good time to make out your Christmas wish lists 🙂

ADDENDUM: I just added a guy who’s helped me out this week.  This guy’s name is Catherine and you can check her out at Vogue Vocalist.  All you boy moms go over there, because this is the sort of girl you want your sons to find.  But I’ve got dibbs on this one, and I will fight you for her.  Really.

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7 thoughts on “The Guys ~ Feel Good Friday”

  1. I am sorry you had a bad week and happy that your guys made it better. You really have a great family.

    I am so happy Aaron is doing well at college. My Emily made out a list of careers she wants yesterday and she is only almost 11. It is scary. I want to tell her to play with dolls already!!!!!!

    As for the bullying that just makes me SO SO mad. I am sorry he had to through that, but I know what a good mom you are and I know he is in good hands. I hate bullys and I hate their parents even more!!!

    There is a boy in Emily’s class who is so horrid – I have never seen anything like it. It is so sad.

  2. It’s so great to see our sons really grow up. I had my doubts about mine at times, but, once he got to college, he got serious about his life. He earned 2 college degrees and has a great job and a beautiful wife. It’s such a blessing!

    1. My friends with sons kept telling me to be patient, that Aaron would come around, but it’s hard to believe it when you’re in the midst of the “getting their butts through high school” crisis! But that suffering just makes his current success that much sweeter to me 🙂

  3. Great post! What great men you have in your life….that’s usually a sign of a great woman in the background!!!

    Bullying really chaps my butt! My kiddo has been bullied and a little neighborhood boy always makes him his target. I struggle keeping my Mama-Bear in check (when I really just want to put him over my knee!) I’m glad your kiddo has made it through!

    I can’t wait to check out the site you suggested (I have 4 of my own little dudes tearing up my own house!)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

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