The Jacket Eight Ballard Boys Wore

This is my father-in-law, Tom, in Germany’s Black Forest.  Little did this young, unmarried man know that his jacket would be worn by three generations before being retired.

When he finished his stint in the service and came home his younger brother proudly wore the coat.  Tom married my mother-in-law, Pat, and they raised four boys, each of whom wore the coat at some point or other.  It was dug out of the closet when my son Aaron, the eldest grandson, wanted to wear it.  He passed it down to John, who has worn it nearly to death.

John is thirteen now, and the poor jacket is truly falling apart at the seams.  If only that jacket could tell its stories!

I can’t bear to get rid of it, so it’s still hanging in my hall closet, and John has moved on to wearing his Uncle Chris’s jacket from his career in the Air Force.  I wonder how many Ballard boys (and maybe girls?) will wear this one before it’s in tatters?

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