The Nerd Herd, Kiddos, and a Makeover

— 1 —

How cute is this?  My friend angel sent it to me – it was marked “mudflap girl” for the smart set 🙂  It took me forever to decide where to put it.  It was originally going to go on Irving, my netbook, but since my husband uses Irving a lot I thought he might prefer we maintain the basic black look.  Then I thought about my blue folder, the one that I’ve had and loved for years because it’s soft and pretty and built to hold all the essentials I need for any meeting.  We’ll see if anyone notices it when I carry it into my next writers’ group meeting.

— 2 —

John and his best friends have a name for themselves: “the nerd herd”.  They all love technology, gaming, and The Big Bang Theory.  The other day John got a thank you note from Tim, one of the “herd”, whose Bar Mitzvah he’d recently attended.  (He brought home his very own yarmulke, which thrilled me to no end – I tried it on, but I don’t make a very attractive Jewish man.)  Anyway, John pointed out to me the way Tim signs his name – he makes the “T” and the “i” look like the symbol for Pi.  I love having a kid in the nerd herd.

— 3 —

I’m really rockin’ and rollin’ this month with LRW’s annual writing challenge.  If only I can keep up this pace . . . but Monday I start Melissa Culbertson’s ContentBrew class (yes, I was one of the lucky ones to get in during the first three hours before it SOLD OUT), and since this is the first one I don’t know how time-consuming it will be.  I may have to DVR Real Housewives of Orange County and GCB until these two projects are over, but I’m not giving up Smash – I just can’t do it!

— 4 —

I’m on this new (to me) anti-inflammatory, Daypro, which is tearing up my stomach but not yet doing anything for the pain.  In fact, the pain has been really bad the last couple of weeks, maybe three.  But we’ve had weird weather, rapidly changing temps and barometric pressures – I’m blaming it on that for at least another week or so.  My neurosurgeon is flat-out gorgeous, but I really don’t want to see him any more often than is necessary.

— 5 —

I’ve got a busy day planned for today – I want to try to make it to Stations of the Cross and Noon Mass as well as my usual stuff, and Aaron comes home tomorrow for Spring Break – YAY!  I know he’ll have lots of stuff planned with friends, and probably some wedding planning sorts of things to do, but it’s nice to have him in and out of the house for a few days, to wake up and know he’s asleep in his room – I’ve only got a little over a year of that left 🙁

— 6 —

Michael and I did get our cute kiddo fix this week when we got to take care of Dianna’s little ones for a couple of hours.  I’d gone to my favorite thrift store the day before to stock up on Easter bunnies (my dogs’ favorite chew toys) and I found magnetic letters and a half-dozen cute books so my house wouldn’t be “boring”.  It’s kind of nice to see magnetic letters on the fridge again.  We also make birdhouses for Peeps with graham crackers and royal icing.  After supper Rachel and I had pedicures while the boys pretended to be puppies.  It was awesome.

Adam on my lap being snuggly

— 7 —

My niece, Ashley, cut and colored her long, beautiful blond hair this week:

I can’t decide which looks better, she’s so pretty either way.  I kind of think the shorter, dark hair makes her pretty blue eyes show up more – what’s your vote?

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4 thoughts on “The Nerd Herd, Kiddos, and a Makeover”

  1. Why yes, I love seeing my children plastered on the Internet! I’m very humble! They ate their Peeps in Peep Houses for dessert the other night. Nary a crumb was left!

    I love the mudflap girl … makes me think of Mary Jo, too.

    Since I’m a brunette, of course I favor Ashley’s brown look 😉

  2. Angie – You are just into everything! I got tired just reading about it. You niece looks gorgeous with either hair color. It could be you may be having a hard time adjusting to such a difference. I know I did when my mom went blonde.

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