The Perfect Hiding Spot

I remember when my kids were young (probably about nine and two) reading somewhere that everyone should have their own little private space in their home where they can go to pray, meditate, read, or just sit quietly for a little while.  At that point, of course, I’d have sold my soul to be allowed to go to the bathroom alone.  Anything more was out of the question.  I remember at one point, when I’d completely had it with whatever the current crisis was and just wanted somewhere to go cry it out by myself I went out to my car in the driveway, laid down in the back seat, locked the doors, and cried until I felt better.  Anyone else ever done that?  Anyone?  Well, okay then.

These days Aaron is away at college, John is twelve and craves time alone himself, and I’m not working since I’m still trying to recover from my latest neck pain / neurosurgery adventure.  In other words, time alone isn’t as hard to find as it used to be.  A place of my own, though, little hiding place . . . that still holds some allure for me.  So when I saw this on Pinterest it inspired me:


I have a closet I think might suit this purpose quite well.  It’s in out smallest bedroom, and we’re in the midst of doing some bedroom-swapping and furniture rearranging anyway since Aaron’s off at college and we’re clearing out stuff in preparation for a big yard sale.  Here’s what I have to work with:

I know, it’s pretty horrific.  I don’t even know what to call that color it’s painted.  And I have no idea what most of the stuff is that’s piled inside.  But it’s cozy, it’s got shelves . . . it has potential.  So it’s going on my to-do list.  I’m even willing to lend my hiding spot with John when he needs some time to himself.

I’m linking this up to Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop today for the “perfect hiding spot” prompt, and if you have helpful suggestions for this project – PLEASE – bring them on!

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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Hiding Spot”

  1. I think it has great potential! It’s a small enough space to repaint it without much trouble. I would love to do this! Unfortunately I don’t have an extra closet and, if I did, my kids 3 and 5 year olds would take it over and make a fort out of it!

    (I’m stopping by from Mama Kat’s!)

  2. Ohhh, I would love a space I could go and read. That is a perfect little spot.

    Get a beanbag chair or something if you can fit it. Who wants to sit on the floor??

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s

  3. great idea! love pinterest to spark those kinda things. when i nannied for a lady, she had a little sun room stuffed with 2 oversized red couches flanked by bookshelves jammed with books organized by colors. i think the little things like that made it so inviting. i’d go and read in there during naptimes. good luck!

    stopping by from mama kat’s.

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