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Welcome to  “Share the Love”, where I’m rounding up some artists and craftspeople who sell their wares directly to their customers. With the economy what it is I want to spend my money with individuals and small businesses whenever possible and I thought perhaps you, my readers, would be looking for ways to support the little guy as we start thinking about Christmas presents. None of these posts are sponsored, I’ve just invited these folks to show you their fabulous products and tell you how you can buy them.

Meet Suzanne. I’ve known her since I was a teenager (she’s my high-school BFF’s sister) but I had no idea until recently just how talented she was! Here’s her story in her own words:

I have always been a “crafter,” but I started knitting approximately 10 years ago when my mother suffered a stroke. My mom was an avid knitter so being able to sit with her and her be able to watch me knit was our way of “communicating” since she could no longer speak.
Now, I’ve found that knitting is a way for me to express my creativity. I buy yarn with no specific plan in mind and begin by knitting swatches of different types of yarn. I’m always looking for the right balance of colors and textures to create the perfect scarf. With my yarn collection always changing (and growing!) and inspiration striking me in different ways, needless to say, each scarf is original.  I hope to have a shop on Etsy by the first of the year.

Right now you can contact Suzanne at suzstarbuck(at)gmail(dot)com or visit her Etsy shop.

Scarves range in price between $20-$40, and here are a few examples of her work:

The perfect gift for your favorite Kentucky Wildcat fan. She also makes a red version, but we don’t need to talk about that.

I’m in love with the purple fuzzy one toward the right. Or maybe the bright blue one in the middle with multi-color confetti-like spots.

Never mind. I’m in love with this one – all those happy colors!

Just in case you were worried Suzanne might run out of yarn if you order a dozen scarves. I think we’re safe.  This is just the “ruffle” section.  She also sent me pictures of her regular yarn stash, and I feel confident that in case of Zombie Apocalypse we will all at least have fabulous scarves. But order early just in case 😉

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