The Return of the Garmin :)

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Thank you all for your comments with thoughts and prayers for my aunt, Beverly. She had her second chemo treatment this week and is nauseated and very weak. We’re all anxiously awaiting the her oncologist’s visit later this month.

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Beverly and I shared some special time during the few days I stayed with her. Although I spent my entire childhood in the country I’d forgotten how quiet and serene it is to be ten miles from the nearest gas station, too far out to get a pizza delivery. How nice it is to have a driveway long enough to take a mile-long walk along it in your jammies without seeing another soul.

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I’m on stronger pain meds since my visit to my new Pain Management doctor. I waited to start them until I came home from visiting Beverly, and I’m glad I did. They do seem to control the pain longer, but at a cost of making me very lightheaded, dizzy, and drowsy. I’m going to keep taking them, though, in hopes of adjusting to them. I’m just having to curtail my activities quite a bit. Driving feeling this way is not a good plan.

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Speaking of driving, once I’m more comfortable behind the wheel on these meds (or have given up and gone back to my old ones) I’ll be using my original Garmin for directions! YAY! Remember when our cars were broken into and the St. Matthews police officer who responded to my call not only tried to convince me not to report the crime, but declined to ask my neighbor, who witnessed the break-in, for a description of the thieves, and even laughed in my face when I suggested that if my Garmin was found and the home address listed in its computer was mine that would lead to me getting it back? Well, that’s exactly what happened. A Louisville Metro police officer called and had a box full of Garmins, Kindles, and other devices stolen from cars and was methodically checking the “home address” on each and contacting people to come get their stolen goods.

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My husband stopped by and picked up my Garmin and all its accessories, and left the rosary we’d found next to our driveway with the officer, who said he’d try to find its rightful owner. Kudos to the Louisville Metro police department! If ever I have a crime to report again I wonder if I can just bypass the St. Matthews police department (whose salary I pay – apparently for the honor of being insulted in my front yard) and go straight to Louisville Metro?

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I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but it’s possible I won’t be cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year. It would be the first year since John was born in November of 1998 that this will have occurred, and I’m kind of excited. Not that I don’t enjoy it, but doing something different sounds pretty wonderful!  I started hosting Thanksgiving when Aaron was about two (nineteen years ago) and I think my record attendance year was forty-five people having a sit-down dinner in a small two-bedroom apartment. And the year John was born? I’d asked my sister-in-law to switch holidays with me because John was due Thanksgiving week, and she did. Looking back, it would have been easier to host Thanksgiving with a one-week-old (he arrived a bit early) than Christmas with a five-week-old baby who was one week postop from a fistula repair and miserable and an eighty pound dog who was non-weight-bearing since she was three weeks postop ACL repair. Oh, and I was going back to work the next week. Ever look back on things and wonder how you got through them?

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2 thoughts on “The Return of the Garmin :)”

  1. Beverly is in my thoughts and prayers. Although I don’t “know” her, I feel like I’ve gotten a sense of her through her blog and recipes, and she seems pretty darn scrappy.

    It’s awesome that you got your Garmin back! Funny how those things work out, isn’t it?

    Also, congratulations on (maybe) not hosting Thanksgiving this year! My sister and I (loosely) take turns, and it’s her turn, which I am super-excited about because I don’t have to clean the bathrooms or mop the floors this week.

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