The Solution For The Stressed-Out Dog!

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Meet Boss.  He's our rescue dog – a Chesapeake bay retriever, boxer, and who knows what else mix who joined our family two Christmases ago.  He's a sweet and loving dog, but like most rescue dogs he has issues.  Boss's particular issues include barking, growling, and baring his teeth at strangers, the vacuum cleaner, and other large dogs in a menacing way; fear of helium balloons; fear of having his nails trimmed; and full-out terror during storms.  He also has a tendency to jump on people he's excited to see, which is a problem since he weighs eighty pounds and can knock my slender mother flat.

We started using Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® on October tenth and seventy-two hours later Aaron, my eldest son, and his fiance, Catherine, came home for Fall break.  Both of them immediately noticed the difference in Boss, especially Catherine, whom Boss adores and usually tackles as soon as she enters the house.  They said he was still obviously excited to see them, but that he calmed down much more quickly than he usually does (especially considering he hadn't seen them since August).

Soon after that we started seeing more changes.  Boss no longer barks like a maniac at the dog next door.  He wags his tail and they run back and forth, playing across the fence.  I plan to try a dog play-date in a few more weeks.

We had a storm a week or so ago, and Boss barely noticed, which was a huge change from the trembling, fearful dog he used to be even during a gentle rainstorm!  We can vacuum the house without constant barking now.  Boss doesn't like the vacuum, but he simply moves into a different room when he sees it coming rather than launching himself at it with teeth bared.

He hasn't actually let me trim his nails yet, but he lets me hold his paw and touch his nails with the trimmer sitting nearby, so I feel sure within the next few weeks it will be doggie pedicure time at our house 🙂

For even the best-behaved pets the holidays can be a difficult time.  Travel, being left alone longer than usual, a disruption in their schedule, and unfamiliar guests (both animal and human) and can lead to stress-related barking, digging, house soiling, and chewing.  Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® has been found 95% effective at reducing scratching and urine marking for cats, and also help reduce excessive barking and chewing in dogs

If you have or are planning to get a new puppy or a rescue dog, are considering taking your dog on a trip, or just have a dog who gets stressed during storms or when you have a house full of company now is the time to try Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.®.  You can find it at pet specialty stored including PetSmart and Petco and independent pet stores as well as online.  It can take up to ninety days to see the full effect, and each package contains detailed suggestions for product usage.  Here is a picture of my infuser, releasing pheromones that can only be noticed by dogs:


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