The Sounds of Being Home Alone

When I was still able to work I listened and talked all day. I’d often have a landline to one ear, a cell phone to the other, and be listening for overhead pages while someone stood next to me asking questions. So when I came home I needed an hour or so of silence to clear my brain. I never turned on the TV or the radio. Once my guys got home things got loud again, but in the best possible way!

Now I’m home alone all day (except for the dogs) and I still keep it quiet. I listen to music in the car when I’m running errands or when I’m doing something mindless like folding laundry, but the TV still rarely comes on. I can hear a cicada that snuck into the house – it’s in the basement somewhere. I can hear Sam snoring softly on the sofa, probably with all four paws in the air. The Periscope whistle from my phone is the most oft-heard noise in my house recently, not because I follow a lot of people, but because some of the people I follow scope a lot!

Bells ringing means Boss and Sam are at the back door, letting me know they need a potty break. Claws tapping rapidly on the hardwood floors means Sam’s trying to convince me it’s lunchtime by bouncing around in circles. It’s hard to ignore a hundred-pound dog when they’re bouncing! Today I hear a gentle rain, which I find peaceful, but I hear there are thunderstorms coming later, which will involve whimpering until I lie down and let Boss snuggle up next to me, ruffling my hair with his sighs of distress.

The grandfather clock we received as a wedding gift chimes every fifteen minutes, around the clock. We could silence it, but we don’t. It sounds like home. When it needed repair and we didn’t have it running something just felt off.

When the guys come home the TV and/or radio go on before Michael even takes his shoes off. He doesn’t like silence. John’s computer will boot up and I’ll hear his portion of whatever game he and his friends have decided to play to decompress before settling in to do homework. Listening to that from the next room is more entertaining than any TV show currently airing!

Sorry, I have to go: the bells are ringing!

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7 thoughts on “The Sounds of Being Home Alone”

  1. I prefer to work in peace and quiet too. My Mom always has a tv or music going in the background, but I like to know if a Cicada has snuck into the house. And it’s like you said, the best kind of noise comes home from school anyway. Maybe I’m just trying to preserve the peace in order to prepare for the return of NOISE. 😉

  2. You know, when I lived on my own, there were days when I wouldn’t speak to a person at all, all day long, and mostly I loved it, but sometimes the house just seemed too empty–the cat had decided she was going to live outside that year. But now that I live with my sister, her husband, and her three kids, there’s never any silence except in the middle of the night, and I miss the quiet I used to have all the time!

    1. Oh, wow! For a short period of time I worked 8:30 – 5:00 and I got REALLY grumpy when I didn’t have my quiet time. I don’t have to have a long stretch, but at least an hour a day minimum!

  3. I always have noise on around me. The only time I’m in silence is when I’m reading. I need white noise. I have a feeling it has to do with my ADD. I’m glad you can find silence!

    1. My husband has to have it, too. It was HARD when we first got married. I couldn’t fall asleep with the TV on, and he couldn’t fall asleep with it off!

  4. I find myself longing for the house to be empty and quit. But then when it is I like it for a bit and then I’m turning on something for noise. Even if I’m not paying attention to whatever it is. I just want the noise.

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