The Statue of Liberty Isn’t That Big


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I didn’t do this last week, so you get a full two weeks’ worth today! John went on his band’s trip to New York (thanks to all those who helped financially – he’s still working on his notes and calls) and had a great time. But I have no pictures. Why? Because, as he put it, “Everything we saw you can look up on Google.” I admitted that yes, that was the case, but I wanted pictures of him and his friends at those places. “Then Photoshop us in,” he replied. He’s still alive . . . for now.

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 I did get to FaceTime with him once, from the base of the Statue of Liberty, which he said really wasn’t that big. Why both of my sons insist on Facetiming with me when I look like the wrath of God I don’t understand. A man invented FaceTime, I guarantee it.

— 3 —

The buses they took there and back had wifi, so all the teens wouldn’t get twitchy. One parent was complaining rather extravagantly about how bad it was to be on the “drumline bus”, how he was going to “add to his stick collection”, and so on. I let it go for a while, then I posted.

Angie Ballard I married a Waggener HS snare drummer; gave birth to a Ballard HS bass, snare, quad drummer and Morehead quad drummer, and my youngest is on that bus, tapping on something. Every surface in our house is tapped on regularly, including the dogs (they like tummy triplets). Drumming sounds like home to me, and I love it when the drumline comes over! If my spinal column could take the trip I would be THRILLED to take your place on the “drumline bus” Jim Daniel.

I got three Likes and he didn’t post any more complaints.

— 4 —

It’s been raining here for two weeks straight. Roads are washed out, homes and businesses are flooded. But my neighbor is still mowing his grass every other day. He mowed one day through a downpour. He did go inside when it started to hail, though. It’s gonna be a long summer.

— 5 —

I went out to dinner with friends the other day at KT’s. In case anyone else in Louisville didn’t know, they have been bought out and will be shutting down and turning into a steak place in early May. The menu has already changed, but it’s still good. Go while you can.

— 6 —

I want to draw attention to my friend Kerri’s recent posts on Obstinate Hope. We’re supposed to be sharing blogging duties, but she’s obviously carrying me. Her Easter post is wonderful, but her Velveteen Rabbit post put into words things I’ve felt for a long time, but couldn’t pin down. She’s a marvelous writer – truly blessed!

— 7 —

Gotta go now – I get to go babysit!! I hate that it takes a friend of mine getting sick for me to get some baby snuggles, but I’ll take them whenever I can get them!!

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    1. I keep trying to think up good hobbies for him that would keep him from annoying me AND making me feel guilty for not doing yard work, but I haven’t come up with anything yet. Carpentry perhaps? Michael has a lathe and a tablesaw in the basement I don’t think he’d even miss!

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