The Wonderful, Fabulous, Very Good Week

— 1 —

Don’t get too excited. I’m still in constant pain (a bit worse, actually, as the temperatures drop) and I’m still disabled and get not “officially” disabled so we’re very, very poor. But there’s much more to life than health and wealth – so very much 🙂

— 2 —

 As most of you know, I talked Michael into signing up as Brand Partners with Nerium. I can’t call it sales, because the very thought of selling anything makes me nauseous and twitchy. This is just sharing a ground-breaking, life-changing product. And doing it in the most supportive environment possible. And 90% of it I can do in 15-minute segments, or even in bed, in my jammies, on my phone.

— 3 —

I set a goal for us with this company, that we would accomplish certain things within the first thirty days after signing with them. Mind you, Michael’s not a goal-setter or a resolution-maker. But I always have been, and it’s been extremely frustrating the past few years to never reach any goals, to never complete a to-do list. It turned me into a different person. But the old Angie is back! We reached that goal, and I celebrated loudly and proudly!

— 4 —

It just so happened that the same night I was frantically trying to reach my goal before midnight (I’d taken a nap in preparation) we had ten drummers from John’s high school marching band here for a movie-fest and sleepover (except for the girls, who didn’t get to sleep over). These kids were wonderful. They loved the dogs, they ate a truly amazing amount of junk food, stayed up all night, recorded music in the basement studio, and entertained me to no end.

— 5 —

They were also the most courteous, thoughtful, polite young people you could ask to have in your home. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, band kids are good kids! I actually felt bad for the two girls when they had to leave, so I thought perhaps next time I’d have fresh sheets on John’s and Aaron’s beds in case their parents allow them to stay. They guys all crash on the floor in the living room. BTW, I do realize that Aaron is married and living in Texas, but I just can’t call it “the guest room”. It’s Aaron’s room. Actually it’s Boss’s room, since he’s the one who sleeps there most often.

— 6 —

When I was telling my mom about all of it the next day she said, “I would never have let you stay overnight at a boy’s house no matter what the arrangements!” I do remember allowing Aaron to do so – probably a couple of times. It was always groups of band kids and when it came time to sleep boys got one room, girls another. I was fine with it. What do you think?

— 7 —

Anyway, I was also able to get together with a few old friends for supper this week, and was reminded why we’ve stayed friends so long.  We laughed until our faces hurt over things very few other people would understand, and everyone celebrated my Nerium success as if it were their own – and then we inspected each other’s faces for improvement, since we’ve all been using it for about the same time 🙂 Best week I’ve had in a long time, and hopefully more like it coming up soon!

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    1. Thank you! It’s a real confidence-builder. It does take time away from my writing, but in the long run I hope it will give me the freedom to hire a better editor, cover artist, etc for my books when I DO get time to finish them 🙂

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