There’s Nothing Like a Good Burger

We’re making the most of the beef my dad brought us a couple of weeks ago, so we made burgers the other night.  I could be a vegetarian if it weren’t for my love of two things: a really good steak and a really good burger.  I’m not a fan of fast-food burgers – I need some actually flavor in the burger patty.  And my husband, AKA Mr. Food Safety, is always at the ready with one of his selection of thermometers to make sure each burgers reaches the proper temperature.  His ally in the burger-cooking arena is the electric griddle.  I was somewhat opposed to this particular gadget when he brought it home.  It’s very big, and I just wasn’t sure we’d use it often enough or that it would make a big enough difference to earn it a spot in the cabinet.  I was wrong.

The griddle is perfect for burgers because any excess grease (these patties didn’t have any, as you can see) can be easily pushed off into the little trough on the side.  And the buns can be toasted at the same time, and let me tell you, having a grill-toasted bun just takes a good burger right over the top!

We kept these burgers simple – just house seasoning (salt, pepper, and garlic powder) and Worcestershire sauce in the patties, and then butter and finely diced onions on the buns before they were grilled.  If you’re using high-quality beef you want to let that flavor shine through.

Here’s the closest I can find to our griddle, which I think Michael picked up at our grocery store.  It’s one of those huge Krogers that sell everything but human organs for transplant.  We use the griddle for breakfast nearly every weekend because we can make lots of pancakes, perfect scrambled eggs, and thick-sliced bacon (without the mess).  My favorite use for it, though, is fried rice.  We can make fried rice that I swear is just as good as they made at Benihani the night Michael proposed to me back when God was a boy.  In other words, yes, this big boy has earned a place of honor in the kitchen cabinet.

It’s really more of a technique than a recipe, but it’s tasty enough that I’m going to link up to The Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap, Tastetastic Thursday, What’s on Your PlateFoodie WednesdayWorks for Me Wednesday, and The Mommy Club Share Your Resources and Solutions.

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