Things That Make Me Crazy

7qt_lyceum_v2Crazy, in this instance, meaning more crazy than my usual amount. Just to clarify.

— 1 —

Being shushed. You know, when someone says, “Shhhhh!” I, myself, prefer the dagger glare with a finger to the lips for someone being loud in the library or movie theater. If that doesn’t work I go to the librarian or manager and have them show the offending parties OUT. They WILL do this. The phrase “Within sixty seconds after I resume my seat I want them GONE!” along with a smartphone clenched in your hand usually works well.

Being shushed is only for young children, usually those still in diapers. If someone shushes you as an adult, feel free to take umbrage and begin communication on the topic. BE WARNED: If you are cursing or behaving in a vulgar manner in public you are in the wrong. Tone it down or take it home. Being shushed by another adult in your own home is another matter altogether. NOT acceptable.

— 2 —

People who are “disabled” and can still live normal lives. As a nurse, I used to take this as a given. So many of our young patients came in on Medicare because they were disabled. And why should I even notice or care if my patients are disabled? Well, it’s part of the admission assessment (“What sort of work do you do?”). Also, we all know the insurance companies run the world, so when providing information to qualify a patient for a particular test, drug, treatment, or even length of stay I was always asked for their insurance information, which specified whether or not they were disabled.

Some people were clearly disabled. Some clearly were not . . . “Yeah, I’d gutted this eight-point buck and drug it ’bout a half-mile to my truck when my chest started hurtin’.” Dude, you can work for a living better than I can, clearly, since I’m in incredible pain just standing here with narcotics and muscle relaxers on board and an ice pack around my neck. Asshat didn’t even send me any venison sausage.

— 3 —

Kids who try to motivate other teens to do college “their way”. I know, peer pressure has been an issue since the dawn of time, or perhaps just since poodle skirts. Anyway, each kid should go to the school that works best for him or her, not for their friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, or their favorite teacher. Go to school where you feel at home or you won’t last. Listen up now or wait and see how many of those credit hours transfer later (50% if you’re lucky). If you feel the need to rush a fraternity or sorority, do so (if your parents can afford it – it’s more than you make!).

But first, before selecting a college, a major, Greek life, a job change, or any other big decisions . . . the pro/con list. I only do these for huge decisions, but they are certainly just as effective for deciding what to have for lunch.

— 4 —

Post-election whiners. It’s pretty much a given that this year no one got exactly what they wanted. Most years close to half the population voted for a candidate who didn’t win. The solution isn’t to whine about it or dramatize your “fear for the future”. And the #notmypresident thing is laughable, since both Canada and Mexico have made it clear you’re welcome to visit, but don’t plan on moving there without jumping through some hoops. Suck it up. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

— 5 —

Clean house snobs. Years ago, when both my boys were still young and I was working full-time and physically able to scrub floors, do yardwork, etc. I hosted Thanksgiving for a large group. Within the next couple of days I got a call from one of my guests. She wanted to apologize in advance for not accepting any future invitations to my home. She said that with my two dogs (chocolate labs) and the lack of cleanliness she just couldn’t justify putting her young children in that environment. Since I still had a “filter” back then I thanked her for being honest about her reason and for letting me know well in advance of any other gathering I had planned. My house is ten times dirtier now than is was then, so she should probably not even drive by.

— 6 —

Rude drivers. I usually don’t get worked up about this until the holiday shopping season, but this year people are already pushing me to my limit. Before you honk at someone in front of you because they are not going far enough above the speed limit to satisfy you, because they let someone pull in front of them, or just because they didn’t want to run a yellow light realize it might be me in front of you. And I might just put my car in park and walk back with my cane to discuss basic manners with you. Don’t make me do that.

— 7 —

People who duck out of Mass early. I’m not talking about people who have a fussy infant or a child who really needs the restroom. I’m talking about people who just want to beat the crowd out of the parking lot and maybe get to the restaurant or country club for brunch before the rush hits. Stay for the final blessing. Stay for a little while longer and talk to the people around you. Sit in the car and discuss the readings, the homily, the music while the parking lot empties. And maybe once a month instead of going out to brunch give a gift card to the elderly people in the clunker parked in a handicapped space and go home to cook and eat brunch together. Just a thought.

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2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Crazy”

  1. I’ve always found you to be reasonable even if the two of us diverge on politics so please do me a favor and read the following links and tell me if I’m overreacting.

    This is in addition to the nooses that have been placed on office doors of African-American faculty at colleges around the country and the lynching signs and pictures that have been taken since Obama was elected because apparently having a biracial president is a little threatening to some people.

    Oh… and let’s also talk about the lesbian high school students at my college (Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon, Washington) who are so afraid of being beaten or raped that they are having to travel in packs. Then, there are the members of the Hispanic congregation that shares church facilities with us whose members (who happen to be in the States legally) are continually threatened by people calling ICE on them, my friends who are sexual assault survivors who are being triggered by the fact that the president-elect has bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, the KKK in North Carolina planning a victory parade for Trump, and the other myriad things that my Twitter and Facebook friends (a group that spans the spectrum of beliefs and politics and that includes you) have reported in the last three days. I am truthfully horrified and ashamed to be white and female right now.

    Strangely, I don’t recall this being an issue before the 2008 election and I’m 36 years old so I’ve lived through Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama.

    I honestly would have been OK with Hillary losing and Gary Johnson or any of the other third party candidates winning. I mean, politicians lose elections and I’ve been on the losing side a number of times. However, Trump has yet to go on national TV and denounce any of the horrible things that his supporters have done. This is why I’ve been spitting fire on my blog for the last 24 hours.

    1. I’m not at all horrified and ashamed to ashamed to be (mostly) white and female right now. And I’ve always been proud to be an American, even when horrible things have been done by our elected leaders. I, too, remember well the Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, and Obama campaigns. I do remember being scared when Obama was elected – I was afraid some idiot would assassinate him and we’d be left with his deranged VP to lead our country. I think both candidates in this year’s election have behaved unconscionably. I just pray that during the next four years the citizens of our country will realize how many “choose the lesser evil” politicians are in elected positions and that it will spur them on to VOTE in every election. It makes me incredibly sad that a 50% turnout is considered GOOD!

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