Thirty Things I Vow to Do This Summer

Great prompts this week on Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. I had a hard time deciding, but ended up going with “Thirty Things I Vow to Do This Summer”. These are in totally random order, mind you.

1. Keep all plants alive until September first. I realize this means I will have to drag my butt outside every single day in the heat and humidity of a Kentucky August to water plants that will die sometime in October with the first freeze anyway. Nothing will kill this butterfly bush, though. It’s as tall as the house!

2. Go to the pool at least once a week so I don’t feel guilty about paying for that membership.

3. Eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables I can get my hands on. Save the lasagna recipe for Fall.

4. Not whine about this being our second year in a row without a family vacation. LOTS of people have it worse.
5. Read at least three non-fiction books to go along with the twenty fiction books I know I’ll read. “For Women Only” is first up in the non-fiction pile.

6. Go at least twice to Shakespeare in the Park. I hate it when summer’s over and I realize I missed one of my favorite plays.

7. Sit outside at dusk and watch the lightning bugs come out.

8. Make and can my own salsa. Then print beastly labels for the jars.

9. Set up a baby pool for the dog.

10. Do Freezer Cooking with Dianna. And really make food, don’t just drink and gossip.

11. Have Date Night once a month with my hubby.
12. Go see a summer movie with girlfriends. Perhaps the “Werewolf Cougars Only” showing of Eclipse?

13. Take a lot of pictures.

14. Shop for college dorm supplies for Aaron without sobbing hysterically in the aisles of Target or Bed Bath, and Beyond.

15. Teach Aaron to cook a few simple dishes he can make in the dorm kitchen this Fall. I mean really simple, like grilled cheese.

16. Have John teach me the basics on his guitar or saxophone – his choice.

17. Paint the big ugly credenza in the living room.

18. Keep my pedicure looking cute – no chippy polish on these toes!

19. Be vigilant with sunblock on John – his shoulders have already burned once this year (VERY bad mom).

20. Do not get dragged into drama at work – no good can come of it.

21. Do not get dragged into family drama – no good can come of it.

22. Carve out a little bit of quiet time for myself every day, no matter what.

23. Play around with Photoshop. I bought Elements and NEVER use it.

24. Go to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings and spend the rest of the day feeling good for buying locally grown goodies.

25. Remember to wear insect repellent. (scratch, scratch)
26. Wear gloves when weeding. I’ve been told I’m not pleasant to be around when I’m on steroids for poison ivy. (Leaves of three, let it be!)

27. Give Blog Frog a try, but set a time limit for myself. I hear it’s even more addictive than Twitter.

28. Hit some church picnics. What’s the point in being Catholic if you don’t go to church picnics?

29. Stop critiquing the way I look in a bathing suit or shorts. I deserve better than those sorts of insults, especially from myself!

30. Build a fire in the fire bowl and toast marshmallows.

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11 thoughts on “Thirty Things I Vow to Do This Summer”

  1. I guess 31. will be coming to Aunt Bev's to can and freeze farm fresh vegetables.

    Sounds like a fun and busy summer.

  2. Wow, I kept reading the list was longer and longer and longer – you're going to be so entertained this summer! And I feel like I've weirdly missed out on part of being Catholic, as I can't even think of a church I've attended big on church picnics. I thought that was a protestant thing.

    Now I feel all left behind.

  3. Coming over from Mama Kat's. 🙂 Great list! You just reminded me that I wanted to can and freeze some stuff this summer too!

  4. You're gonna take your hubby w/you to see Eclipse?! No way is Dumb Dad allowed to come to that. He'd totally ruin it with his eye rolling and heavy gasping. It's my most anticipated GNO of the year. I even got a shirt! Yes. I'm a dork and proud of it. Well, maybe not proud, but definitely fine with it in this manifestation:)!

  5. OK — now you've called me out, and forced me to begin to get organized, in order to get this freezer cooking under way.

    @Megan — What?? You've never been to a Catholic picnic? Where else could you push a baby in a stroller, while drinking a beer, and no one even blinks an eye. Love it!

    @DumbMom — Angie's husband would rather chew off his R arm than go see Twilight. I think the pic went with #12

  6. Sounds like a great summer!! Love that book "For Women Only." One of the most helpful marriage books I've read, and we have a TON!

  7. Love the list! Now let's see how good we both are sticking to them. I don't want to get to the end of the summer and look back at that list mad at myself LOL!

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