This House is Designated Drama-Free (for the next week)

Have you ever sanded hardwood floors? Maybe rented a machine like this

called a drum sander, and pulled it slowly backwards over your floors, then used this smaller version
called an edge sander, to do the corners and up close to the baseboards? If you haven’t, please don’t. This process actually led to me drinking beer at 10 am the morning I tried it, and I don’t even LIKE beer. It was the only alcohol in the house at the time, though, and sanding floors, even if all goes well, is an experience that will drive you to drink.

That was about fifteen years ago, so why am I thinking about it now? Well, the past week or so I’ve been visualizing that edge sander. You get down on your hands and knees to use it, and it’s very powerful. You have to really hold onto that sucker or it’ll go spinning off across the room, randomly sanding things along the way. That’s what my life feels like right now. I keep trying to stay in control and about every five minutes one thing or another just gets away from me and goes wild. In less than a week Aaron is graduating from High School and we’re having a party for him. I’ve been completely caught up in the details of who’s coming and how they’ll behave (the adults, not the kids), what I’m cooking, how the yard looks, how the house looks, and so on and so on.

That’s over. I’m turning the sander off. I’m going to enjoy this time with my family as much as I can and leave it at that. As my best friend reminded me last night, you only graduate from high school once. (Of course she was reminding me of this to try to convince me to go shopping for a new outfit for the graduation, but still, it’s a valid point.) Anyone who wants to come to the party and graduation with the intention to celebrate Aaron’s accomplishments will be welcomed with open arms, whether it’s five people or fifty. There will be simple food, a messy house, an overly enthusiastic dog, and a less-than-perfectly-maintained yard. I’ll be wearing a dress I’ve had for over a decade and glowing with pride. There will be NO DRAMA. As of today this house is a drama-free zone and this rule will be strictly enforced.
HINT: If you are reading this post and wondering, “Is she talking about ME with that no-drama thing?” odds are I am.

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6 thoughts on “This House is Designated Drama-Free (for the next week)”

  1. I love the concept of the sander— it has great visuals.

    The best of skill in keeping things spinning and not letting them get out of control.

  2. Super post and I'm glad the sander has been turned off. Anyone who has trouble leaving the drama at home should stay home with it.

    This is Aaron's day, well maybe Mom and Dad also.

  3. I think that's a great idea – just enjoy yourself and your son's accomplishment. I bet you'll have an amazing time!

  4. Great imagery!

    No one is really going to care if everything is not perfect. Relax. It took some hard work to get to that graduation. You all deserve to enjoy your party.

  5. That is a fantastic way to think. When I was first married I had a very large family over for Mother's Day and Emily's Baptism and I was so nervous and worked so hard cleaning the place (only for it to get trashed by 25 people) I made myself sick.

    Now I give a spit and a polish and I try not to work myself into the ground so I can barely stay awake.. although I still make all of the food for parties because that is fun.

    Have fun and enjoy everything!!!!!!!!

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