This Week’s Home Health Adventure

Number of times the home health nurse had to stick me to get blood since she can’t draw off my PICC: 3 (I’m an easy stick.)

Numbers of times she had to lumber out to her car to get something she’d forgotten: 2

Number of times she contaminated the sterile field changing my dressing: 2

Number of times I had to reach over and clamp my PICC myself to keep her from injecting an extension set full of air into my central line: 1

Number of times she said, “Well, that was stupid of me, wasn’t it?”: 4
That’s it.  I’m going to train my dogs to draw blood and change my central line dressing.  Even with no opposable thumbs I think they’ll do a better job.

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8 thoughts on “This Week’s Home Health Adventure”

    1. She moves slowly enough that I can catch and correct her mistakes. I’m afraid the next one would be just as stupid, but faster 🙁

  1. Caroline …. I can attest that this is not ‘having a bad day’ — I’ve met the nurse, and am not surprised by any of this.

    Appalled, but not surprised.

    Angie … have you called and complained yet? If you make me sweet cream, I will come over, and not even charge the insurance company.

  2. Good grief girl!! Can you believe it? I swear. Just like my last pheresis treatment…I almost told Blondie to let my husband run the damn thing because he could’ve done a better job! I don’t know WHERE they come up with some of these “home health” people. Be careful!!!

  3. Angie, seriously, this needs to be reported. You know what’s going on and can protect yourself, but what about the average Joe? Who’s idea of safe patient care is this???

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