Time to Upgrade

This week’s prompt on Capture the Everyday at Adventuroo is “something you need to upgrade”.  I was sorely tempted to post a picture of my refrigerator, since the poor old thing hardly has a seal left at all, has broken door racks, freezes stuff pushed to the back of the fridge, and  . . . has no ice maker.  I would really love an ice maker.  But I’m feeling a bit superstitious, and I was afraid if I posted a picture of my fridge it would surely die a quick death from embarrassment and I’d be trying to get by without a major appliance I really can’t afford to replace right now.  So I’ll take the safe route and post about something I’ve been gradually trying to upgrade over the past several months.

This, for you young things who weren’t old enough to be doing your own hair in the eighties, is a curling brush.  It’s kind of like a curling iron with training wheels.  I can do my hair at an obscenely early hour of the morning using this and still not burn myself.  That’s pretty much the only advantage.

This is the upgrade.  That’s right, The InStyler.  The one on the infomercial.  I am such a sucker for infomercials.  I bought this several months ago, and am still trying to learn to use it properly.  Yes, it looks very easy in the videos on the website, and I’m gradually getting the hang of it.  When the stars align and I get it just right my hair looks pretty darn good.  But for the rest of the days I keep my curling brush handy.  And a big claw clip.  Because this is a big change for me.

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6 thoughts on “Time to Upgrade”

  1. You are wise not to talk about your fridge. I spoke about my washer/dryer being 22 years old with no service call ever. What do you think happened … got that right. The dryer quit drying. Since you can’t replace one without the other … I now have a new washer/dryer bought, awaiting the painting of the utility room, new floor, and then delivery of new dryer. So shhh! about your fridge.

  2. I’d be scared to jinx your fridge too! In fact I better stop talking about it. 🙂

    LOVE the new curling brush. My hair is naturally curly but it still looks cool. I have the opposite- a straightening iron that I use every so often!

  3. This makes me laugh. I was going to post about my fridge too, but then I thought bad idea. The curling brush brings me back! If you are ever in the market for another iron, I love all of my enzo milano irons. They are clipless and take zero time.

  4. I’ve never seen the InStyler before. Interesting.

    And, I agree about not tempting fate and posting a picture of the ‘fridge. Hope it holds out for a good long time.

  5. OMG, I am SUCH a sucker for all things infomercial! I totally lusted after that pocket sandwich maker back in the early 90’s. It even made pie! That would have been a seriously good use of my money. lol

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