Tips for Non-Louisvillians and a Giveaway

If you are or have ever been a Louisvillian, you can skip the first part of this post. If not, please pay attention. First, this is all about “Derby”. Only one word is needed – like “Madonna” or “Cher”. I will try to make sure I use the complete phrases (i.e. Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Derby Festival, etc.) in my Blog Derby Party posts, but once you’re in the loop, feel free to refer to all related concepts as just “Derby”. And all this fun happens every year in Louisville. Say it with me: LOU-uh-vull. LOU-uh-vull. You can say it several other ways and still technically be correct, but no one’s going to take you seriously. Lastly, every Louisvillian knows the name of the horse that won the Derby the year they were born. Maybe you know this from visiting The Derby Museum (just opening up this month after extensive remodeling and I CAN’T WAIT to see the new exhibits) or most likely just from checking the list of past winners on the back of a Derby Glass. Click here to look yours up now. Got it? OK, to win today’s giveaway, cute little horse-and-jockey spreaders that will impress everyone at your Derby party and give the kids something to fight over while making PB&Js the rest of the year,just comment and tell me the name of the horse that won the Derby the year you were born. Don’t be shy – mine’s Kauai King – see how easy that was? No entries after Thursday, please. A random winner will be selected Friday morning and I will ship them right out to you.

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3 thoughts on “Tips for Non-Louisvillians and a Giveaway”

  1. This is so much fun. Great post today. I actually had to look my horse up, I could remember that Eddie Arcaro rode the winner but I forgot it was Hoop, Jr. that won. The spreaders are fabulous.

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