Tissue Paper Stained Glass


I wanted to make something special for my latest Godson, Daniel. It needed to be something spiritually meaningful, but something that could be enjoyed by the entire family. So I decided to make something myself, and to pray over it while I made it. The Sacred Heart Novena was the first to come along after Daniel’s birth, and I was amazed at how prayer completely relieved all the stress that usually accompanies my making-it-up-as-I-go-along craft projects! I started with some mulberry paper, which is essentially handmade tissue paper, which gives it a bit of extra texture
mulberry paper
I drew out what I wanted on graph paper
graph paper
but soon realized I was going to have to wing it if I wanted the project done before Daniel was potty-trained. So I gathered all the shades of blue together and made them a crucifix, then used all the other colors to make quilt-blocks and fill in the odd spaces. I held it all together with scotch tape.
scotch tape
Then I laid the whole thing out on my dining room table, which I’d covered with garbage bags. I used a foam brush to spread glossy Mod Podge over the tissue, gradually removing the tape as I worked. There are no pictures of this step, because I quickly realized that once you apply anything water-based to tissue the tissue starts to dissolve. So even after three coats over three days this was a pretty fragile creation. If I did it again I’d put a huge piece of white tissue down as a base layer.
mod podge
After that the real fun started. I used 1/4 inch black tape (like what is used on dry-erase boards) to define all the colors. It covered up almost all the imperfections, and made all the colors really pop!
For the hard work I brought in the guys. I’d bought the size trim I wanted for the frame, and they measured, cut, hammered, and glued for me 🙂
I used regular electrical tape for attaching the tissue to the sides (not too much tension!) and covering the edges of the frame.
As big as it is, it’s very light, so it can be hung anywhere. I think it would be cute with a strand of LED Christmas lights behind it, or over a window. Maybe I can even get creative and make other designs as Christmas gifts for next year!

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2 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Stained Glass”

  1. Angie, I LOVE these crafts. I have a tissue paper stained glass hanging in my window right now.

    I actually cut the “window” of out doubled-over black construction paper. Then painstakingly filled in the gaps double or triple layers of tissue paper.

    I wish the tissue paper didn’t fade and bleed… But it’s too pretty NOT to put it in a window! I’m sure he’ll enjoy it!

    1. Thank you!! It’ll be interesting to see if the Mod Podge or the fact that it’s mulberry paper slows the fading at all. But since there are five kids being homeschooled in that house every day I’m sure once it fades it will be repurposed for some other wonderful craft 🙂

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