Today, My House is Clean!

This is Brianna, the most fabulous cleaning lady ever. She came to my house today and changed my life.
My stress level was off the charts what with the wedding a little over a month away, lots of other, smaller commitments before then, and new activities hopping into the mix ever day. BTW, choral teachers out there: Giving parents 48 hours notice of a concert is SO not cool. Seriously.

Anyway, I found Brianna on Craig’s List. Yeah, I know, but I made the decision to hire someone and needed them ASAP before I started feeling guilty and changed my mind. Because, you know, it’s spending money I shouldn’t. But ever since I heard Dan Morris speak about productivity at a blogging retreat I haven’t been able to get the thought of hiring someone to clean my house out of my mind. He wasn’t actually talking about housekeepers, he was talking about hiring VAs, but I’m willing to bet every woman there came away with thoughts of housekeepers. I know I pulled up his You Tube video on the topic as soon as I got home:

The Case for a Housekeeper:

Another reason I had been resistant to hiring someone was because I thought I should be able to keep my house clean myself. Or at least with some help from the guys with the heavy work. After all, my mom’s house is immaculate. She kept a clean house and a tidy yard while working full-time as a single parent. But the reality of the situation is that I can’t. I haven’t been able to since my first spinal surgery in January of 2009. And the guys, bless their hearts, they really do try hard. But one person’s definition of clean is not another’s. And I’m kinda OCD about cleanliness, so seeing cobwebs in corners and not being physically able to do something about it was getting to me.

Enter Brianna. She was very professional when we spoke on the phone, but when we got off to a rocky start I wasn’t sure it was meant to be. We had to reschedule her visit, and the morning she arrived there was a storm moving through and I’d just lost power. I begged her to stay and do what she could without power, praying the power would come back on. She took my crazy dogs in stride and jumped right in. It wasn’t ten minutes until the power came back on, thank God!

She worked all day on my house (yes, I really needed her) and even John, my fourteen-year-old, could see the difference. Don’t expect any before and after shots, though. I’m all about keeping it real, but not that real 😉 As I sit here in my clean house, life feels more manageable. I look around me, and I smile. It was so worth it!

If you live in the Louisville, Kentucky area you can contact Brianna via her Facebook site, BrightStar Cleaning Services. I’m all about supporting small businesses, and I can vouch for Brianna’s hard work, adaptability, and spectacular results. I’m adding her to my Share the Love page, where you can find other small businesses to support – please check it out!

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One thought on “Today, My House is Clean!”

  1. Yay for you! I can only imagine just how nice it must be to have your whole house clean AT THE SAME TIME! I am slightly jealous, and seriously happy for you that you let someone help you out. You deserve it!

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