Today’s Plan

I REALLY needed to get a new attitude this morning. Another sleepless night with no AC – 85 and humid in the house. I actually took a quilt out into the yard around midnight to see if I could get to sleep out there. What I got was bug bites – I was the midnight buffet. Anyway, as soon as the sun came up I gave up trying to sleep and started wandering around the house, feeling sorry for myself. Honestly, could I possibly GET any more shallow and self-absorbed? One of my best friends is at the Mayo Clinic getting treatment for a rare and debilitating disease and I’m whining because it’s a little warm in the house? Yeesh!

So here’s my plan for the day. I’m going to pretend this is normal. I didn’t grow up with air conditioning, so it’s certainly not essential for life. I can get everything done I need to do today, I’ll just have to pace myself and plan well. The oven is on now, but as soon as I finish making a yummy breakfast for the guys I will not turn it on again today. There’s a pork roast in the crockpot for supper, and salad or sandwiches will be perfect for lunch. I’ll wash the laundry and hang it on the line to dry. During the heat of the day I’ll run errands in pleasantly air-conditioned stores, picking up a couple more box fans along the way. This evening we’ll pull out the ice cream freezer and make homemade ice cream. I’ll clean the house as I go, and if I don’t get the whole thing cleaned today there’s always tomorrow.

Now if I can just get the dog to stop lying in front of the non-functioning register giving me pitiful looks I’ll be in business.

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Plan”

  1. I also grew up with no air conditioning, and I'd be the biggest, whiniest brat on the planet if mine went out. I hope you get it back on soon.

    And what flavor ice cream are you making? I could eat my weight in pretty much any flavor!

  2. I once went 2 years without airconditioning and I bitched like a sailor the whole time. It gets old after a while. I grew up with one window unit in our whole house so it was useless.

    I hope it works again soon. I'm visiting from the Tea Party.


  3. Love the new attitude! I have been in a funk all week and struggling to change my attitude….hoping for success very soon. Sending cool thoughts your way. Is your AC out for good or are you just waiting for repairs?

  4. Glad I found your blog through Lady Bloggers! Already having fun reading it.

    I'm an a/c hater who lives with a hubby and son that like it FREEZING!

    Michele Chastain

  5. You have every right to complain. I can't sleep with no A/C either. Well…maybe if I had a fan RIGHT on my face.

    That actually happened camping at Oklahoma in AUGUST – what were we thinking?

    Have you tried a bowl of ice behind in front of the fan? Someone told me that works.

    I'd offer virtual hugs but I think you are probably too hot for any more heat. HA.

  6. When I spent a week in New Mexico, I was thinking a lot about the role of air conditioning in today's society. Just think about how different our daily lives would be if we didn't have it. The pace of life would move a lot slower, that's for sure!

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