Today’s Walk Topics

John and I have been taking a 30 minute walk every afternoon before supper. Today our topics (all introduced by him) included kidney transplant, kidney stones, heart valve vegetations, valve replacements, heart rhythm disturbances and electrophysiologists, donating organs, donating your body to science, AIDS, condoms, in vitro fertilization, and the appendix. Oh, and strokes (both hemorrhagic and ischemic) and their treatment. Now I’m having a large glass of wine while he watches cartoons and plots our walk conversation for tomorrow. I’m afraid.

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One thought on “Today’s Walk Topics”

  1. Here is something for your walk:

    My dad had a kidney transplant at the Mayo clinic 5 years ago. The cost of the transportation of the kidney from Minneapolis to Rochester was…. wait for it… $60,000.

    Insurance paid for it, but we wonder if it was delivered in a limo!!

    Just a little fun fact for him!

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