Tomorrow is National Sleep-In Day

Tomorrow is National Sleep-In Day, are you ready?  I sure am!  I haven’t been sleep-deprived this week (at least not any more than usual), but I am exhausted for some reason.  I made muffins so John will have something nice to eat when he wakes up.  These little beauties are delicious, they only have two ingredients, and they are just 181 calories each!

Now I just need to put on my favorite old, soft jammies and inform the dogs that their usual 3am potty break has been cancelled.  I have my selection of three pillows (down, fluffy, and orthopedic) that I rotate through during the night as my neck pain fluctuates, my nice clean sheets, and my warm quilt all ready and waiting.  One of my favorite Maeve Binchy books is on my nightstand so I can read myself to sleep.  National Sleep-In Day is my kind of holiday!

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5 thoughts on “Tomorrow is National Sleep-In Day”

  1. I did a little practice run on the sleep-in one day this week. I have it down perfect! You could always let the doggies out at 3:00 a.m., have a muffin and go back to bed. I think I’ll make muffins too.

  2. Now had I known…..I would not have scheduled a birthday party for my daughter and left myself a ton of work to do in order to get ready! What was I thinking….can I get a redo???

    1. Absolutely you get a re-do! As a matter of fact, in the fine print it says if you can’t sleep in on the specified day you have to sleep in on TWO other days. It’s required 😉

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