Top Ten Pet Peeves

One of the prompts in this week’s Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop is “Your Pet Peeve”.  Pet peeve, singular?  Really, does anyone have just one?  I had a hard time narrowing it down to my top ten!

1.) It’s pronounced LIBRARY, not lye-berry.  And it’s PICTURE, not pitt-chur.  I can’t take anyone seriously who makes either of these mistakes.

2.) Autoplay music on blogs.  It’s never OK.  Never.

3.) If you are waiting to get on an elevator let the people off who are getting off on your floor before you try to get on.  It’s common courtesy, and it’s common sense.  You’re not going to make the elevator move faster by shoving past everyone else.

4.) People who make insulting or demeaning comments to or about others and then say, “I’m just kidding” to avoid being held responsible for what they’ve said.  If you are wondering if I’m talking about you then odds are yes I am.

5.) I work odd hours.  When I leave at the end of a long day’s work and people say, “Oh, you’re leaving early!” or “I wish I could leave this early!”  it drives me crazy.  I’ve been sorely tempted to call up repeat offenders when I get up at 3:15 a.m. and perkily tell them to get up and come to work if they’d really like to get finished at the same time I do.

6.) Dorks who hit “Reply All” on emails.  Very rarely does EVERYONE who received that email want to hear what you have to say – trust me.

7.) Facebook accounts for infants and a couple sharing the same Facebook account.  No one knows what that baby is thinking, and I don’t care how close a couple is -they don’t share a brain.

8.) People who park so poorly they take up two spots.  If you park that badly, park at the far end of the lot so you don’t annoy as many people.  And you’ll get a lot fewer intentional dents in your doors that way.

9.) If you are at a traffic light and are turning left (visualize this with me) if there is NOT a green ARROW pointing left you must YIELD when the light is green.  And if you are at the traffic light near my office and forget this I will remind you by accelerating very close to you, rolling down my window, and yelling, “Left turn must YIELD on GREEN, asshat!” This is usually accompanied by dramatic gestures.

10.) My name is Angie.  Not Angela.  I will correct you the first time you make that mistake.  After that I will completely ignore your existence.


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20 thoughts on “Top Ten Pet Peeves”

  1. Ha! I have the elevator on my pet peeve list as well.
    I work in a hospital and I get rushed every time I go to get off the elevator. It ticks me off to no end!

    1. What a coincidence! I’m a nurse, so now I wonder if the rude elevator thing is more prevalent in hospitals than elsewhere. Maybe I need to get out more and research this!

  2. The elevator problem is everywhere not just hospitals. May I add to that please. If the capacity stated is 12 don’t think it’s okay to push on if you are the 14th person. No one is in that big of a hurry, if you are, take the stairs.

    1. And that 14th person usually pushes the button for the floor they want repeatedly, like the elevator is a video game and that’s going to speed it up. Dorks.

  3. #1 annoys me to no end, too. And #7! If you have to sign your name at the end of every comment so I know WHICH of you is talking to me on FB, then you need separate FB accounts. Not sure if laziness or an insane desire to look like they were fused at the altar causes couples to do this. It irks me.

  4. #6 is definitely one of my pet peeves… especially now since I am at the age where all my friends are starting to get married and sending out e-mails to get our addresses to make sure they are correct. I don’t need the mailing address for like 30 people I don’t know cluttering up my inbox.

    #8 is also one too… where I live NONE of the people know how to park and it is infuriating. On they make these hilarious parking tickets that I bought for the bf so that he could put them on people’s cars if he felt so inclined. One of my favorites is “Maybe a GPS could have helped you find the middle of this parking spot.”

  5. Angie – I agree with you. My one pet peeve is people who poke me in the arm to get my attention. Just saying my name will get my attention.

    1. Well of course kids need blogs written about them – how else would their parents stay sane? But a FB post reading, “Today I rolled over for the first time. Mommy is so proud!” kinda weirds me out.

    2. YES babies have their own FB pages …. unfortunately. Two of my husband’s family members are on Facebook, and they are 2 and 4. (please, God, do not let them read this)

  6. Ok, you’re right. We are twins separated at birth. Also, I’d like to mention the Southern Belle version of #4 – “Bless his/her heart.” Like this: “She’s a total b&$ch and fat and ugly and stupid and I hate her, but she’s had a hard life, bless her heart.”

    Also, one of my friends and I used to leave notes on poorly parked cars to the tune of “Learn to park or get a smaller car!” In retrospect, it’s amazing we weren’t assaulted.

    1. I think this SAME thought (about you two being separated) a lot.

      Probably when you english majors are going through my blog, saying, “I can’t BELIEVE she ended that sentence with a proposition”.

  7. Do not forget the oh so common KY -isms ….

    We are going to “warsh” the car …

    Watch out for that “wasper” … (you know, the stinging insect?)

    and, the one that makes me want to put a needle in my eye

    I have to “orientate” that new nurse….

    1. I almost included “orientate”! That one totally makes my head spin around, but I figured no one else would know what I was talking about. Is that one that only nurses screw up?

  8. Hee! You had me at #1 . . . what about “axe” instead of “ask” or “ek-specially” or “Feb-oo-ary” . . . I’d better stop before I get myself too wound up.

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