Trick or Treating ~ Middle School Style

Gone are the days of cute animal and cartoon character costumes.  No superheroes with capes or costumes that double as footy pajamas.  Aaron hasn’t been in costume in many years – the last year was when he and several friends went trick-or-treating and then played poker with their candy.  “I’ll see your Snickers and raise you a package of Lemonheads!”  In case you’re wondering, that’s a red flag that they’re too old to trick-or-treat.  This year John went trick-or-treating with a girl around the corner that he met on the school bus.  Hopefully her parents didn’t mind that she was hanging out with a mass murderer for the evening.

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6 thoughts on “Trick or Treating ~ Middle School Style”

  1. You may need to re-think the car pool thing…the school bus is the devils playground. I should know, I rode 18 miles to school one way. Oh, the fun we had!

    1. Yep, being a country girl, I had a long ride on the bus each way as well. Those memories are what have kept me from putting him on the bus until sixth grade . . . maybe I should have waited until High School!

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