Trying to “Be Sweet”

— 1 —

I ran into one of the doctors that I’ve known since my first days as a new grad the other day.  I was having lunch with my father-in-law at Panera and he was meeting with a prior CFO for us who may be a new CFO for him. We only visited for a minute or two, but later in the lunch I recalled his admonishment whenever he’d hear anyone gossiping or being less than kind to someone else. “Be sweet,” he’d say with a wide smile, knowing he was only stirring the pot.

— 2 —

 My father-in-law was taking me to lunch because he’d promised to take me to lunch after our attorney’s visit earlier in the week, but had more pressing business. That was fine with me, and he really didn’t have to make it up to me, since it’s difficult to find common ground to converse about with him, even in a drive-thru.

— 3 —

It was probably best that we didn’t go to lunch after the lawyer visit, since it was short and sour. Disability insurance, as a whole, is a scam. Even if someone has fifty physicians and fifty tests that say they are disabled one non-English-speaking employee of the company with M.D. after his name can say, “I do not agree.” and it’s over. It took me a year to learn that. Short-term disability is a worthwhile investment. Not so with long-term.

— 4 —

Anyway, on the short drive home from Panera my father-in-law suggested that I get the doctor we’d run into to get me a job (what part of “disabled” is unclear here?) and that I have my mother or father (My mother checks email on the computer – that’s it. My dad is running a farm AND teaching college classes at age 70.) research bankruptcy. He proceeded to say, in the most casual manner, that we’d have to give up our house, find somewhere to rent, and “get rid” of our dogs. I’m pleased to report that I did not do him any physical harm, and thanked him for lunch without telling him I was ten times fonder of my dogs than of him, and that if it came down to a choice I’d be doing mouth-to-snout-breathing.

— 5 —

I got over that after an afternoon of dog snuggles and crying, but I don’t think we’ll be talking again soon. I’m trying hard to Fast Start Qualify with Nerium, but a month is very short when you have a goal. I had a wonderful online party, and I’ll be doing that again for sure – just need to learn what makes people realize what a great product and fantastic opportunity this is. It’s so new, but that’s part of what makes the opportunities so fabulous for those who can see them! And National Novel Writing Month is approaching quickly. Can’t decide if I want to try this year or not.

— 6 —

I finally got to see John’s marching band show. I swear, if I had a comfy seat I could sit all day and watch marching bands. Unfortunately, last weekend’s competition was at Ballard, my elder son’s high school, and the bleachers are concrete slabs with measurements straight from the Inquisition. Impossible to ascend in a stable manner, and completely uncomfortable to sit on. Some part of your body will go numb or be in horrible pain even with the most comfortable “bleacher seats”- but you get to choose which. I sacrificed my feet, since I knew my back was shot already. I probably looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame getting out of there.

— 7 —

Had to save the best (and most embarrassing for last). A friend and I had made plans to get together at her house one Sunday afternoon to do some freezer cooking, since neither of us was getting meals on the table at a reasonable hour. I put it on the calendar. But not on my phone. So when she called me to “bail” Saturday night I was SO thankful! I hadn’t even come up with recipes, let alone shopped for supplies! Oh well, maybe we’ll get it right next time 😉

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2 thoughts on “Trying to “Be Sweet””

  1. I have had sooooooo many “be sweet” conversations with parishioners — enough that I use NaNoWriMo to kill off the ones who are getting on my nerves.

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