Twitter Party on Tuesday!

I just can’t tell you what s blessing Nerium has been for Michael and me. I feel productive, even though most of what I do is chat with people on the phone or via text or email (usually from bed on my phone), occasionally going out for a Wine and Wrinkles party! Since I LOVE Twitter parties I thought I’d throw one and see how it goes 😀 It will be Tuesday the 11th at 7 p.m. EST.

I’ll be giving away a bottle (two-month supply) of Nerium’s flagship product, Nerium AD Night Cream ($110 retail value), to some lucky party-goer! Follow me at @angieballard on Twitter, and the hashtag is #beautifulskin. If you want to make it easier use and enter the hashtag. It will show you ONLY tweets with that hashtag, and will attach the hashtag to anything you post or re-tweet. Easy-peasy, even for Twitter newbies!

You can learn all about Nerium, see some impressive before-and-after photos, and ask all the questions you like!

Look at this adorable little boy Nerium helped:

and this woman, who got amazing results! (I waited until someone identified her and confirmed the pics before I was willing to post them. I didn’t believe it was the same woman!)
confirmed pic

If you aren’t available Tuesday evening, let me know and I’ll email you info on Nerium, or invite you to a Facebook Party, Twitter Party, or a real life Market Party if you’re in the Louisville area! If you’ve already heard about it and are just searching for someone to order from please feel free to browse my website at We have a fantastic gift box available starting the 11th as well, so check back to take a peek at that (or let me know whom you want me to send a link to!)

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