Twitterature for April ~ My Five Favorites


I’m a voracious reader, so I’m limiting myself to my favorite five books read in the last month and linking up with Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy (she hosts Twitterature the fifteenth of every month) and Angie at Many Little Blessings, who hosts List it Tuesday every week.

believing in myself

Believing in Myself: Daily Meditations for Healing and Building Self-Esteem ~ Not just for the needy. Brief (1-2 paragraph) inspiring thoughts for each day. Not spiritual (if that’s a deal-breaker for anyone) and the perfect size for my nightstand.

finding beth
Finding Beth ~ Read it once in ebook form, but had to buy the hard-copy version and read it again that way. I have to have my favorites in hardback in case of zombie apocolype and lack of power for my Kindle. Only about a six weeks until the sequel comes out!

emotion thesaurus

Emotion Thesaurus ~ A must for all writers. I can’t get through a single writing session without it. And it has to be hard copy, not ebook.

curly girl

Curly Girl: The Handbook ~ Has changed my hair care routine forever. And, miracle of miracles, has made it possible to do something with my hair besides just pulling it back in a clip. Cheaper, easier, healthier – it’s a win-win for anyone who has any curl at all in their hair.

sycamore row

Sycamore Row ~ I stopped reading John Grisham long ago because he seemed to be just “dialing it in”, but a friend gave me this and I loved it. Very reminiscent of his early books.



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3 thoughts on “Twitterature for April ~ My Five Favorites”

  1. I read Sycamore Row this month as well and just loved it. A Time to Kill was my very first Grisham read 17 years ago, and I love his storytelling.

  2. I didn’t bother to check out Sycamore Row for exactly the reasons you said, but now I’m curious–I loved his early stuff! And I definitely need a copy of the Emotion Thesaurus! I had no idea there was such a thing. 🙂

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