Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

If you’re old enough that the title of this post made you start singing a Meatloaf song you get bonus points! I’m actually checking in with my progress on 3 in 30 this week and trying to be positive.  I’m doing a great job with my Heath goal for the month (getting 8 hours sleep at least 4 nights a week), but I can’t say I feel any more rested or energetic, which is totally unfair.  And I’m seriously kicking butt with my Happiness goal (online writing class) – I have a query letter and a synopsis almost ready to send out to agents and publishers!  This week was nearly a total loss on my Home goal, though.  I am trying to do fifteen minutes of cleaning every day a la FlyLady, and even though I have the Home Routines app on my iPhone and am following FlyLady on Facebook I’ve only cleaned one day so far this week.  Any suggestions?

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21 thoughts on “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”

  1. (Vising via 3in30)

    You’re doing awesome on your goals! I love your positive attitude. And for the record…Meatloaf did start singing in my head…but I ain’t old! 😉 LOL!!!

  2. Keep writing to the publishers and you’ll be able to have someone else clean. Your health and happiness are a lot more important than a spotless bathroom.

  3. FlyLady is awesome and she’s got a GREAT program, but when I used to follow her, I got overwhelmed. My suggestion is do what works best for YOU!! Maybe there’s a time of day, right when you wake up, just before bed that you can FLY for 15 minutes. Planning is the biggest part of accomplishing any goal, so plan the exact time and do IT!! =) That’s all I’ve got on that one. You’re doing a GREAT job, love your positive attitude and happiness goal. Grace on the cleaning!

    Keeping it Personal,
    Teri Johnson

  4. House work is over-rated. I’m with Aunt Bev — hire someone to do it when you become rich and famous. 🙂

    PS — and yes, I’m more than old enough to remember that song. It will be in my head all day now. Thanks!

  5. I make housework deals with myself. Like “If I fold this load of laundry, THEN I’ll check Twitter” or “I’m going to work on my blog post, but not until I take out the trash and wipe down the kitchen counters.”

    Barring that, I agree with Bev – let it go. Your aren’t going to be on your deathbed thinking “I’m so happy I kept my oven clean all the time.”

  6. Forward motion of any kind is progress! 🙂 Cleaning I am not sure of suggestions…I need those too. I just keep a schedule making kids keep their stuff cleaned up daily then use a whole day Monday to do all the cleaning and laundry that needs to be done. It can be overwhelming that way but I don’t know how else to do it.

  7. Want me to tell you the same thing I’d say to you if you were my best friend?

    “My suggestion is you do it every day. Unless you don’t want to. Then forget it.”

    Am a I great friend or what?

    I agree. Even in third world countries everyone has a maid (or is a maid) so this whole “U!S!A! U!S!A U!S!A!” thing is just a tad bit overrated, don’t you agree? Do I want a clean house, or do I want to be a good friend to the puppy by napping with him? I think the answer is obvious.

  8. Hey girl! I love that song – and of course now I’ll be singing it all day 🙂

    Great job moving towards your goals! I have a list to clean each day (seriously, I’m not joking!) and that’s how I manage to stay on top of things. If I skip a day…..let’s not even go there 🙂

  9. Sounds like a great week! I love Flylady too, but I agree that she can be overwhelming. Just stick with it and do what you can. I’d never heard of the app…now I may have to get it! I’ve been adapting a regular to-do app and I love that there’s one like this now!

    1. Oh, it’s fabulous! There’s a timer with happy music when your fifteen minutes is over, and checklists for each zone that are completely adaptable 🙂

  10. …..My for last week wasnt the kind youd want to hang on the refrigerator. I skipped workouts and ate a ton of sugar!.This week Im armed with a plan and Im sticking to it!

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