Vacation! The 80’s ROCK!

Thanks, Kathy! *insert sarcastic tone* One of the prompts this week over at Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop is . . . VACATION. Ever since I read the email I’ve been hearing this song in my head. I graduated from high school in 1984 (Go, Defenders!) and LOVED the GoGos. Not as much as Prince, but I loved them. Start this at :44.

Doesn’t that feel great? Don’t you feel like you can go out and do anything? The 80’s: best music, best movies . . . and really scary hair and fashion. Thank God we didn’t have the internet then! There are very few pictures of me with my girl-mullet and miniskirts. We called the cut a bi-level and thought we looked like Pat Benatar. I still know all the words to her songs. And honey, I could rock a miniskirt. I weighed about 110 then. Nowadays I’d most likely use the same piece of fabric for a sock bun.

Back then the purpose of a vacation was meeting guys and getting a tan. I “laid out in the sun” (an activity that is nearly at the level of IV drug abuse these days) with baby oil and iodine. We didn’t have “sunscreen”. We had “tanning lotion”. Of course that’s why I’m still fighting my last bits of sun damage with Nerium – but it felt great! I saw concerts before Ticketmaster existed. I sat overnight with wet hair for Rolling Stones tickets! Sadly, it was the 1981 tour and it sucked. I went to the RUSH Moving Pictures concert in Rupp with someone else, never knowing that my husband-to-be was in the audience, too. I got thrown up on at the Stones show (I blame the sharply angled seats at Rupp), got a contact high at a Moody Blues concert (don’t ask – really), and saw Adam Ant at Memorial Coliseum. A friend of mine even got the artist to sign his painting! Then another guy dressed up as Adam Ant, kind of as a joke, for the school mascot tryouts. We had a burly cartoon guy with leather fringe (kind of Davy Crockett meets Hulk Hogan) as the “Defender” on, um, I guess orientation packets and things. But since the guy wearing the Adam Ant costume had a leather jacket with fringe and no one in charge had any idea who Adam Ant was we were extremely cool for one year. The guy was one of those seniors who actually graduated. Some stayed longer because it was so much fun 🙂

I totally can’t dance, but for many years I thought I could because in the 80’s all people had to do was hop up and down. Flinging you hair around got bonus points (male or female). Slam-dancing was a big thing, and I patched up a few friends after injuries. I was also the person who would pierce people’s ears if they wanted. It was usually guys, but sometimes a girl would want another piercing. This was before people started piercing naughty bits, mind you. I only did ears! The worst? A huge football player that ended up playing for the Bengals briefly. I thought he was going to pass out on my feet and break my toes. Thankfully there were some other really big guys there to hold him up.

I even got called in early to work one Saturday because I’d pierced the assistant manager’s ear at a party the night before and he’d changed his mind. The fact that it was a 2-inch long white glittery spiral may have had something to do with it, but they were the only earrings I had on my at the time. I work with what I have! These experiences are probably what led me to check the “College of Nursing” box on my UK application. That and the fact that Physics made my brain hurt.

Thanks for letting me reminisce. Please drop by Kathy’s place and see what inspired everyone else this week. I’m betting I’m the only one with a GoGos video 😉

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2 thoughts on “Vacation! The 80’s ROCK!”

  1. How dare you get that song stuck in my head now too! And now I know who to go to when I’m in need of another piercing. Do you only do ears? 😉

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