Vacation Week!

— 1 —

I wish I could say vacation week meant we were on a beach somewhere, but this week’s “staycation” is the closest we’ve gotten to a vacation in five years, so I’ll take it!  John’s in school, so Michael and I have had a couple of lunch dates, run errands together, stayed up late and slept in.

— 2 —

The week hasn’t been completely uneventful, however.  Michael announced that his first priority during vacation was to move our washer and dryer upstairs.  Mind you, we’ve lived here nineteen years with the washer and dryer in the unfinished part of the basement and it’s not like it’s been a major problem.  But several years ago we turned our den into a dining room, or dining room into a new kitchen, and our old kitchen into a pantry.  This left room in to pantry for the washer and dryer.  But neither Michael nor I are really comfortable with anything beyond the most basic plumbing and electrical work, so we figured this was going to be a major project.

— 3 —

Turns out we got lucky.  Michael made some clever decisions, he and John used all their strength, and with about $20 worth of stuff from Home Depot I now have a first floor laundry room / pantry.  We still need to redo the floor, but it’s pretty exciting to be able to be more involved in the laundry process. (My involvement had slacked off a bit with every cervical spine surgery until I was pretty much leaving the whole job up to Michael.)

— 4 —

We did end up in the ER once, but it had nothing to do with plumbing, electricity, or moving heavy objects up narrow, steep stairs.  John had a bad nosebleed that just wouldn’t quit.  I prepared him for the probability of having his nasal passages numbed and cauterized (burned) to stop the bleeding, and getting his nose packed full of gauze that we’d have to come back to the ER to have removed.  I felt like a total dork when the ER doc used a couple of sprays of Neosynepherine (yes, the regular over-the-counter stuff), had John hold pressure on his nose for ten minutes, and then sent us on our way.  I’m afraid to look up my ER copay, but I suspect it’s $150.  Lesson learned.  And John, of course, was thrilled no one would be burning the inside of his nostrils.

— 5 —

Since seeing reports that Beneful dog food was causing serious illnesses and even death we switched our dogs back to IAMS.  Unfortunately, the change has caused really horrific, hair-parting, room-clearing gas.  So today I bought beano for the dogs.  I hope it helps, because this house smells awful.

— 6 —

Another advantage of having the washer and dryer upstairs?  Things seem to get put away more promptly.  I don’t want to jinx it, but this could have seriously positive repercussions in our household.

— 7 —

My very first favorite thrift store has closed down.  My late mother-in-law introduced me to thrift store shopping there and I’d been going for close to thirty years.  It makes me sad, even though I hadn’t been there in about a year.  It was in a pretty rough part of town that had only gotten worse.  Murders happened in the alleyway beside it, drive-by shootings occurred while I was inside, and I never, ever went there after dark.  But it was still a special place and I’ll always remember spectacular bargains I got there and wonderful hours I spent shopping with my mother-in-law.

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