Verbal Kleptomaniac ~ Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop

Here’s the prompt I’m using this week:
3.) List the pieces of you that have come from those around you.
Select your own and join in the fun at Mama’s Losin‘ It!

I confess – I am a verbal kleptomaniac. I habitually steal words, phrases, and speech patterns from the people around me. I didn’t do this as a kid, I’m sure, because I remember going to visit my cousins in Lynch, Kentucky during the summer and their friends asking, “Where are you from, New York?” I’m actually just from Central Kentucky (and I sound like it), but the accents in Harlan County, Kentucky are pretty thick (think Loretta Lynn with a little extra spice) so I evidently sounded pretty city-fied. Maybe it started when I was in college and they taught us in Psych Nursing to use “therapeutic communication” – it did make me much more aware of all the nuances of a conversation, both verbal and non-verbal. Anyway, give me a good ol‘ country fella to do a stress test on and I turn into my mother. Things pop out of my mouth like, “No, honey, I’ve been workin‘ here since God was a boy” or “I’d like to buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth!” Of course if the next patient’s in his early twenties and didn’t drive a truck to the hospital I turn into my seventeen-year-old son, “It’s all good!” . My favorite word stolen from my ten-year-old is “ginormous” (gigantic plus enormous) which has a lot of uses, including describing some of the patients I do stress tests on as well as the size of the sweet tea I’d like to have at lunch. I have shamelessly stolen “any-who” from Dianna, just ’cause it sounds so darn perky. I also stole her name for me, AngieB, to use on my blog – thanks, girl! It cracks me up when her husband calls me that, it’s like they’ve been married for fifty years and are turning into each other (although I have underwear older than their marriage license). Any-who, I have to give credit for the head-bobbing thing I do when I fuss at the boys to Wendy (stole that from her way back in high school) and my scowl-mumble-stomp comes straight from my grandmother. I think that one may actually be genetic since my brother does it, too. Just remember when I steal something from you: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

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2 thoughts on “Verbal Kleptomaniac ~ Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop”

  1. you have me laughing my rump off over here! When I came home from Midway for the first time, my grandma thought I'd flipped, since I had affected the speech of the Ashland girls!!

    Any-who …… 🙂

    (I seriously didn't know I said it that much!)

  2. Ha ha! I am a verbal klepto too! It has gotten worse since I started blogging. I now use phrases like eleventy-seven and anywho and that's how I roll. Thank you for giving my disease a name!

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