We Made It Through Valentine’s Day!

— 1 —

Please keep my friend Joan in your prayers.  She recently had knee surgery, and the amount of therapy she has to do every day is overwhelming.  I griped about bed rest after my first two neck surgeries, and the IV antibiotics after the third, but now I know I had it easy.  I was shocked at how many hours per day she’s supposed to be exercising her knee in one way or another.  With pain pills on board I don’t think I was even awake that many hours every day the first two weeks postop.

— 2 —

Michael finished up at the job he’s held for the past seven years on a positive note, when was a huge relief.  When he first put in his notice a lot of people evidently took it personally, but by his last day everyone was wishing him well in his new job and telling him how much they’d miss him.  That’s how it should be when you’ve been as dedicated to a company as he has been.

— 3 —

His first day off was yesterday and we went out for brunch at a restaurant he’d never been to because it’s too busy on the weekends.  We had a twenty-minute wait at ten o’clock on a Thursday morning!  It was worth it, though!

— 4 —

We also spent Thursday stressing about how the day was going for John.  He’d asked me some time ago if he could take a cupcake from GiGi’s to a girl for Valentine’s Day, and I’d volunteered to pick it up for him the day before.  He took a long time deciding on the appropriate flavor, even managing to work food allergies into a conversation with her so he didn’t cause anaphalactic shock, which is not at all romantic.  He won’t tell me the girl’s name, but evidently “cupcake girl” liked his Valentine’s Day gift.  I was just glad she was polite and thanked him.  Middle-schoolers can be so awkward, and some of them can be flat-out mean.  I didn’t want him to come home with a battered ego.

— 5 —

Michael has big plans for fixing some things around the house while he’s off before he starts his new job, which is awesome.  It could involve me getting my washer and dryer moved up from the basement to the pantry, which would be so exciting!

— 6 —

Aaron and Catherine may be coming home for the weekend, which will be wonderful since I haven’t seen Aaron at all since the semester started and have only seen Catherine briefly once.

— 7 —

The wedding is less than one hundred days away, and the shower is next month!  I’m annoying my friends and family with emails about hair and makeup, doing facial exercises and dieting to get rid of this double chin that will make me look like Jabba the Hutt in the pictures, and wondering if I can slip their photographer some extra money to Photoshop me thin any time I appear in a picture.  Have I mentioned how much I hate having my picture taken?

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2 thoughts on “We Made It Through Valentine’s Day!”

  1. You’re so funny!

    I should have warned you that Wild Eggs has a wait unless you’re there when the doors open.

    I’m waiting on tenterhooks to see the results of the Great Cupcake Gift.

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