What Day Is It?

— 1 —

We had a wonderful, stress-free family Christmas, and Michael and I have spent a lot of time just hanging around the house with the boys – reading, watching movies, catching up on our sleep.

— 2 —

I’m confused, though, because our garbage pickup was Wednesday.  Our garbage pickup is normally Wednesday, except on holiday weeks, when it’s Thursday.  So we didn’t set the garbage out Tuesday night, thinking they wouldn’t pick it up until Thursday.  At 8am on Wednesday what do I hear?  A garbage truck.  Of course Michael’s at work, both boys are still asleep, and I’m in my pajamas.  Not to mention it’s freezing, the garbage is too heavy for me to manage, and the truck is only one house away.  I’m comforted only by the fact that about half the street didn’t have their garbage out, either, so we won’t be the only ones with two weeks of stuff at the curb next week.  And will it be Wednesday or Thursday next week?  Did they not give the garbage men a Christmas holiday on Monday?

— 3 —

My boys both love their Kindle Fires, for which I’m very grateful, since that was essentially their only present.  It’s a multi-use present, though, and they both received Amazon gift cards from other family members which will go a long way since there are so many free and cheap books, apps, and games available.  What’s up with a lot of the “free” Kindle books now only being free if you have Kindle Prime, though?  I’m finding that very annoying.

— 4 —

I looked back to see how long I had been without a car, and it was the end of November when Michael’s broke down.  No wonder I’m grumpy.

— 5 —

This is a post a friend sent me about “letting go of the fear of uncertainty“.  I’ve read it over and over, finding something new and helpful each time, and I’m now following the blog and taking time to really think about the contents of each post.  On a related note, it’s time once again to clean out my Google reader and my email subscriptions so that the only blogs that remain are the ones I really enjoy or that are truly useful.

— 6 —

I’m planning a New Year’s Eve sleepover for a bunch of thirteen-year-old boys.  I considered hunting up some cute ideas on Pinterest, then decided all they really want is a lot of food and privacy to play their violent video games and talk about inappropriate things.

— 7 —

I’m in the midst of setting some goals for 2012.  Not resolutions, goals.  I looked back at my list of goals for 2011 and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  They were all reasonable, attainable, measurable goals, and I didn’t meet a single one of them.  Of course I didn’t know 2011 would be the year of two neurosurgeries; constant, unrelenting pain,  and an insurance company that drove me to a level of anxiety and depression I’d never before experienced by refusing to pay me for more than three months.  I didn’t know, either, that I would be blessed with friends and family who cared enough to help me when I most needed it, with children who would be so understanding, a husband who would shoulder so much of the household responsibilities, or the joyful addition of Aaron’s fiance, Catherine, to our family.  Who knows what 2012 will bring?

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6 thoughts on “What Day Is It?”

  1. As a mother with two boys, I totally get #6. You made me chuckle. My girls, however, don’t mind planned activities, especially my 13-year-old. Is this why girls get the rap of being high maintenance?

    Hope your 2012 is better than your 2011. Glad to see you found some blessings amid the tough stuff of this year.

  2. #1 is awesome. Thank you for #5, I definitely need to re-think rethinking myself. I’ve started cleaning up my Google feeder just this week (you made the cut lol) and you’re def on the right track with #6! I’m going to have to detox my boys from video games this weekend 🙂 2012 is yours!!

  3. Do you subscribe to any of the newsletters regarding free Kindle books? http://www.facebook.com/EreaderNewsToday has a lot of daily links to free books, but you’ll want to review them before passing the list on to the kids. Those “free” books for Prime members are loans, you don’t get to keep them forever like the free books you “buy”.

    1. I subscribe to “free stuff times”, which does send out long lists of free Kindle books. I’ll have to check out ereader news today as well, though – thanks!

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