What do Dumpster-Diving, Project Runway, and the Final Four Have in Common?

— 1 —

After a fantastic Louisville Romance Writers meeting Saturday including a discussions on the Elements of a Scene by Katie McGarry, our chapter president, my brain was spinning.  And my face hurt from laughing too hard.  Katie’s not only a fabulous writer, she’d so damn funny she could seriously do stand-up comedy.  We adjourned to Appleby’s for lunch, where I tried to convince my friend Lisa to help me load a pallet from a nearby dumpster into my car.  I really need to cut down on my Pinterest-surfing, because I see pallets and can hardly control myself.  It’s a raised bed!  It’s a sofa!  It’s a bookcase!

— 2 —

Sunday was the last day of Melissa Culbertson’s Content Brew course (well, we actually got some bonus stuff Monday – I love a class with lagniappe!) and all I have to say is take this course.  I don’t care if you only blog once a month as a contributor.  If you use social media (or need to) and want to maximize the use of you time – take this course.  I have the next three months of content planned.  Not just blog content, mind you, but Facebook and Twitter as well.

— 3 —

Monday morning found me feeling lousy, probably from sitting too long what with the basketball games and the premier of Mad Men.  I drugged up and laid in bed most of the day, and then when I finally felt well enough to hit the computer what did I find but that all my social media icons had disappeared!  Yes, the beautiful, specially designed icons that changed color when you hovered over them, dammit.  Since there’s no money in the budget right now for blog design services I had to do what I could on my own.  It’s serviceable, but it’s not pretty, and that makes me sad.

— 4 —

I got a call from my neurosurgeon’s office about the disability form I gave them to be filled out when I was there three or four weeks ago.  They were just getting around to filling it out (!!!) and wanted a credit card number so they could charge me $15 to fill it out.  Never mind that I could fill the stupid thing out by myself at this point, all I really needed was his signature, and that I’d included an addressed and stamped envelope for them to send the sucker out in.  Three or four weeks for a one-page form?  I’m a bit peeved.

— 5 —

Is anyone else depressed because Austin Scarlet didn’t win Project Runway All Stars?  Mondo – really?  With a collection called “therapy”?  I haven’t been so annoyed since the season Chris March didn’t make the final three because he used human hair for trim.  Half the judges obviously had human hair extensions glued to their heads – why were they squeamish about having it on the hem of a skirt?  Austin deserved the win.

— 6 —

Tomorrow UK plays UofL in a Final Four game.  If you don’t live in Kentucky this may not mean much to you.  If you do, odds are you feel strongly about this game.  My husband and I both had to change our Facebook profile pictures so everyone would know where we stand.

My profile pic:

Yes, I am a UK graduate

My husband Michael’s profile pic:

I love him anyway

— 7 —

Lastly, I have a prayer request. My aunt, whom I love dearly, was recently diagnosed with an incurable, untreatable cancer. She has already been moved into a Hospice facility and her health is failing quickly. The shock of this sudden diagnosis and her unimaginably rapid decline have been overwhelming to her and her family. If you wouldn’t mind, please keep them in your prayers.

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