"What does a typewriter look like?"

Forty Bags in Forty Days is already having some unexpected benefits. Sunday afternoon Michael went up in the attic to store some books he wasn’t ready to get rid of yet. (I filled a huge laundry basket and two trash bags with books that are LEAVING.) Anyway, while he was up there he poked around in the boxes of stuff shoved up under the eaves. I’m embarrassed to say I had no idea there was ANYTHING stored in the attic. There was a bassinet up there and my children are eighteen and eleven – not good. The boys climbed up the ladder to help and I told them to just start throwing things down, everything had to go. We ended up with three lawn and leaf bags full of baskets I’d bought when I wanted to start my own gift basket business (going) and two bags of very out-of-style children’s clothes (good memories in those, but they’re going, too). Then Jack found this:
It was in a hard plastic case and when Michael explained to Jack that it was a typewriter, something people used to type things before computers, he was FASCINATED. He couldn’t wait to get back downstairs and see what a typewriter looked like. Then he spent the entire evening playing with it. This is a child who’s so dependent on technology he can’t ride 15 minutes in the car without putting a movie in the DVD player. He sat in the living room, home of the Wii and the XBox 360, and typed on a manual typewriter for hours. There were so many aspects of the typewriter that just amazed him. You can only put one sheet of paper in it at a time. When you hit backspace it doesn’t erase your mistake. You have to use white-out, wait for it to dry, line it up, and then re-type it. You can’t “cut and paste”. You can’t insert pictures or change fonts and font sizes. There’s no spellcheck.
If I run across an old washboard and tub, do you think he’d spend the afternoon doing laundry?

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