What Genres Do You Read?

In a Nursing class many years ago I noticed a fellow student had a paperback book peeking out of her book bag – a book with a scantily clad man on the cover. I’m unapologetically nosy when it comes to what people around me are reading, because I’m always on the lookout for new books and new authors.

“It’s a Romance,” she leaned over and whispered, making sure no one else overheard. “But I only allow myself to read ones with pirates – I’ve got it under control.”

You’d have thought she was admitting to a drug addiction! I’ve never been picky about genres. If I like the author’s style and the characters appeal to me I read it. My shelves include Maeve Binchy, Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Mary Kay Andrews, Anne Rice, John Grisham, Jodi Picoult, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Jeffrey Deaver, just to name a few. But until recently I really hadn’t read much YA (Young Adult). Unless you count the Harry Potter books, of course.

But some of the best books to hit the shelves in recent years have been YA. The main characters are younger, the emotions are more intense, but other than that a well-written book is a well-written book. The Hunger Games series and the Iron King series are wildly popular, and there are many more excellent books lurking in the YA section of your bookstore. My latest favorite? Nevermore, by Kelly Creagh. I read it a few weeks ago and bits and pieces of it still make their way into my thoughts every few days. That’s a good book. Maybe it’s because of the time of year in which the book is set – the leaves falling and a chill in the air. Maybe it’s because there’s a strong Edgar Allen Poe them running through the book and I’m a huge Poe fan. What ever the reason, it’s lured me over into the land of YA . . . and I suspect I’m going to find more wonderful surprises there.

What have you read and enjoyed lately? Anything outside of your usual genre? I’m linking this up to Share Your Awesome at Momma Made it Look Easy not because I think I wrote such an awesome post, but I DO think this is an awesome book, and I just wanted to share ๐Ÿ™‚

Priced at just $4.99, it is now available in every format your little heart could desire at Smashwords,ย or, if you prefer, it’s also for sale in a Kindle version at Amazonย or a Nook version at Barnes and Noble!

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9 thoughts on “What Genres Do You Read?”

  1. Ok, Nevermore will be added to my download list ๐Ÿ™‚ I love YA stuff. Lots of it is wonderfully written, but still simple and short, which is a plus sometimes. Have you read the Hunger Games? Great stuff. Also, if you haven’t read Stargirl or Gathering Blue, they are a couple of my favorite Ya novels.

    1. I think I must be the one person left in the world who hasn’t read The Hunger Games. But I’m adding that and your other suggestions to my download list for when NaNo is over . . . or when I give up, whichever comes first.

      1. I read them with Allison’s urging. Actually pretty good! The last book I had to flip to the finish to see what happened!

  2. I just read “The House on Tradd Street” by Karen White and am getting ready to start “The Girl on Legare Street” also by Karen White. “The House on Tradd Street” was definitely not like anything that I have read before and it was surprisingly good. My book club picked it to read because the author is a member of our sorority and I’m definitely glad that we decided to read it. It was nice to read something other than John Grisham and James Patterson who are my 2 go to authors. And don’t worry… I haven’t read The Hunger Games either… though I think that is next on my list after I finish this book for book club!

  3. I added this to my wishlist. The Hunger Games is so, so good. I’m surprised you haven’t read it. I also like Graceling. It isn’t a series, but it was so good that I wish it was.

  4. I feel kinda dumb now. I love to read, but don’t make near the time I should for it.

    I’m looking at my bookcase now though and I have several books by:

    Lisa Scottoline – Great women lawyer/courtroom suspense stuff
    Jen Lancaster – Fantastically funny and real life/real girl stuff

    Then tons of self-improvement, some random drama and business writing crap for work projects.

    I need to read more. There. I said it.

  5. Hmmm… I will have to add this to my list. I have not read the Hunger Games either- I am sure I eventually will.. but I tend to wait until everyone is over everything to decide I might want to read it. For instance- I just finally decided to read Harry Potter last winter and I knocked them all out in about a month and a half- I wanted to have the time to read them all back-to-back so the previous book would be fresh in my mind. I also don’t like to wait for things…. so I need to know an entire series is out before I will read it. I dunno… some sort of Post-Traumatic-Stress from having to wait for the next Sweet Valley High to come out as a pre-teen.?

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