What Has Blogging Taught Me?

I wasn’t going to do the Mama Kat Writer’s Workshop this week because I’m kinda wigged out getting ready for Blog Derby Party 2010, but after watching Mama Kat’s bathroom concert with Rudy the Labradoodle I felt inspired. Where but on a blog could I watch a woman across the country sing with her Labradoodle and her children in her bathroom and be moved by it? Really? Where? I started blogging in July 2009, and I must say it has enriched my life. I have met (virtually) and met (in real life at Bloggy Boot Camp) women who inspired me to appreciate myself for who I am and to do wonderful things. We are are all complicated, fascinating creatures! Our talents may lie in different areas, but that is what makes us all the more valuable to one another. Blogging is about connecting with people you may or may not have come in contact with in your “regular” life. These are people, most of which, I have communicated with enough that if they emailed and said, “I’m going to be in Louisville tomorrow, can I stay at your house?” I’d be THRILLED to see! And I’d fix them something fabulous to eat! And finding one fabulous person leads you to another, and to another, and to another . . .

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4 thoughts on “What Has Blogging Taught Me?”

  1. So glad that you have found a venue to meet new and exciting people. I have always liked the camaraderie that accompanies blogging and am happy that I can speak with (even if only through comments) a wide variety of people.

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