What I’m Reading on Spring Break

One of my favorite parts of any vacation is picking my books to read. If we’re travelling (which hasn’t happened in WAY too long) I may need more books than if it’s a stay-at-home vacation unless I have already scoped out a good bookstore where we’re going. If I get caught without reading material I get a little twitchy. I’m off this week on Spring Break, and the first thing Jack wanted to do Monday morning was go to the bookstore. I love that kid! He had a particular book in mind, and after we found that we just started wandering. I should NOT be allowed to wander aimlessly in bookstores because I find too many books that want to come home with me. For that reason I try to get my books from Amazon, paperbackswap.com, half.com, and Half Price Books as often as possible, but sometimes I have to bite the bullet and go into one of those big chain bookstores. Anyway, we were wandering around the Intermediate Reader section (I think that’s what it’s called – you know, not children’s books but not young adult – the “tween” section, I guess) and I saw the Fablehaven series. I called Jack over and asked if this was the series written by the author who’d visited his classroom recently. He’d talked all the way home from carpool that day about how cool and funny the author was and how good his books sounded. We grabbed the first in the series and headed home. Jack was starting a different book, so I picked up the Fablehaven book when I headed out the door to a doctor’s visit later that afternoon. I love a well-written book no matter who the intended audience is, and even a poorly-written book is better than a two-year-old Sports Illustrated in a doctor’s waiting room. What a lovely surprise – this book is wonderful! It drew me in during the first few pages with the well-developed characters, comfortable dialogue (I HATE stilted dialogue), and just-detailed-enough descriptions of the setting. The plot was exciting and took some unexpected turns, and, well, I finished it in two days. Buying the rest of the series is on today’s to-do list and Jack hasn’t even read this one yet! If you’re looking for reading material for your, oh, probably 10-year-old or older, these are a great selection. And they aren’t geared more toward one gender than the other, either, which is nice if you’ve got siblings sharing books. Summer’s coming up fast and I need more book suggestions for the kids and for me – what are you reading??

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One thought on “What I’m Reading on Spring Break”

  1. My daughter, Emily, has just discovered that Tween section too and she is blowing through books! I am so happy!!!

    Personally, I love the Arthur series, I read quite a lot of them to Sarah. Got to love D.W.

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