What is the PERFECT Baby Shower Gift?

baby shower gifts

I’m very excited about an upcoming baby shower. I just love the Mom-to-be, and I’ve had the good fortune of watching her grow up since she’s the daughter of one of my best friends. This will be her first child, and her mother’s first grandchild, so excitement is high! When I told John, my fifteen-year-old, that Lydia was going to have a baby boy he looked stunned for a moment. Then he furrowed his brow and shook his head. “It just doesn’t seem possible that she’s married and now she’s going to have a baby. I remember when she was teasing me about having my first girlfriend and telling me about things she did in high school.” I managed not to fall on the floor laughing, but just barely. He sounded like some old grandfatherly type, surprised at how the young’uns grow up so fast nowadays.

Anyway, I was poring over her online registry, trying to decide what I wanted to get her. My go-to choice for first babies has always been a Boppy Pillow . I used mine while pregnant to sleep on my stomach, and afterward I simply could not nurse without it. These were the days before Boppy covers, mind you, so the whole thing had to go in the washer, and it seemed to take an eternity for that thing to wash and dry!
A recent favorite is Sophie the Giraffe, whom I am told by reliable sources is the best teether in the world, and many a toddler’s constant companion. I don’t know exactly what makes her so special, but if it soothes a teething baby the details are moot.
Then there’s one I have to give with instructions. Whether you call it woobie, minkie, blankie, whatever – it’s an exceptionally soft blanket with satin binding that’s not so big it would trip a toddler. My best friend gave me one for John after having good luck with her daughter’s. I put it in John’s little hands every time he went down for a nap or went to bed at night from the moment he came home. Soon just the touch of Woobie would have his eyes at half-mast. If I’d had one of these for Aaron it might not have taken us seven years to try for another child. What better gift can you give new parents than a good night’s sleep?
So what are your favorite baby shower gifts to give, or that you’ve received? And do you always shop from the registry, or are you the daring type who buys or makes something the parents would never think of?

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5 thoughts on “What is the PERFECT Baby Shower Gift?”

  1. Hmm. Mom of six earns me a spot as experienced, I’d say.

    Definitely agree with you on the Boppy …. and I’d even add in ‘buy extra covers.’ We have a waterproof slipcover and then some fun prints, too.

    Sophie. Ah, sweet Sophie. She’s a treasured favorite around here.

    I’m a HUGE fan of anything by Aden + Anias — we love their wonderful swaddling blankets – light as air, huge, and perfect, even in hot summers in Kentucky. My mom bought Daniel a sleep sack from them, and I adored it enough to go ahead and pick up a few more in bigger sizes.

    For crunchy granola mommas, I’d pick up an amber teething necklace. (I need to grab one for D)

    1. I ALMOST added “mom of six”, but I didn’t want to seem like I was bragging that I personally know an uber-parenting authority 😉 More great ideas – thanks!!

  2. I have to weigh in on this one as I went to a baby shower last weekend…. Don’t forget a small gift for older siblings. Moms to be are always worried about how new baby will affect older kids. Also cute gift at this party was onsies that were handmade with each upcoming season ( pumpkin , turkey etc) too cute 🙂

  3. When I was celebrating my own baby shower, one of my good friends gave me these things that you have in this post and I love them so much. My cousin also gave me an out of the list gift and I was surprised because those items that she purchased for me are so useful and I could say that I can’t live without them.

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